Reading and listening to DailyTech just got a little easier

It won't be too often that I post shameless self-promoting articles on DailyTech as top-tier stories, but if it was ever going to happen today's the day.

When DailyTech originally launched, it was always part of the site plan to include some form of audio-enabled content.  At first we attempted to use human readers. This proved too costly and too slow to create content accurately.

In 2006 we attempted the project a second time with AT&T's Text-to-Speech API. However, even at a mere 10 million page views per month, a moderate text-to-speech license ran in the five-figure range.  Not exorbitant, but certainly a hefty investment for something our readers might not even like.

Enter Odiogo.  The premise is simple: Odiogo takes an extended news feed from the content provider, runs the content against its text-to-speech software, and then republishes it as an XML feed.  This XML feed can be integrated into an RSS feed for a podcast, or directly into the article as a "play" button. 

Nobody will admit Odiogo is a replacement for human-read news -- yet.  The software is far from perfect when it comes to subtle pauses, tech jargon and the odd acronym.  But considering the difficult nuances of the English language, and the improvement of text-to-speech software in just the last two years, I'm pretty stoked about Odiogo and text-to-speech in the future.

Give DailyTech's Odiogo feed a try.  You can play audio directly from the website on the "listen now" button, or you can listen to rollups of the news via podcasts for iTunes and other MP3 players.  If you like (or don't like) what you hear, drop us a comment!

“We do believe we have a moral responsibility to keep porn off the iPhone.” -- Steve Jobs

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