Lenovo's Z60t and Z60m
Customers aren't warming up to Lenovo's widescreen Titanium models

It looks as though Lenovo's "new look" ThinkPads are not going over too well with customers. According to Lenovo's CEO, Bill Amelio, customers just aren't warming up to the new widescreen titanium ThinkPad models. Things are going so badly, in fact, that Lenovo is on the verge of axing some models.

"We've had a lot of feedback. The CIOs (Chief Information Officers) that we deal with like to have this system the way it is, and by putting different colours or models in can create some angst," said Amelio. While the consumer space has seen a pretty overwhelming transition to widescreen displays and are more receptive to styling variety in product lineups, it looks as though Lenovo's corporate customers are a bit more apprehensive to such changes.

According to the Forbes report, any future radical changes to the ThinkPad line would likely be released under the Lenovo brand without the ThinkPad moniker. The company already markets entry-level notebooks here under the Lenovo umbrella.

Updated 6:06 PM EST

Julie Gottlieb of Lenovo has informed us that reports on the demise of the Z Series are greatly exaggerated:

Please note that any report that says Lenovo is abandoning new product introduced in the past year is wrong. We have always been - and remain - committed to working very closely with our customers to ensure we deliver compelling and useful ThinkPad products and features that meet their needs. As a result, all of our ThinkPad product and feature introductions have been extremely well received by our customers, including the introduction of both versions of the Z series widescreen ThinkPad, which was the first ThinkPad to integrate high speed EvDO wireless WAN for high performance wireless networking.

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