The four business groups are the PC Business Group, the Mobile Business Group, Enterprise, and Ecosystem and Cloud Services

Lenovo is making some big changes where its executives are concerned as it reorganizes into four business groups. 

According to Lenovo, the four business groups are the PC Business Group, the Mobile Business Group, Enterprise, and Ecosystem and Cloud Services. This is a big change from only having two groups before, including the Lenovo Business Group and Think Business Group.

The PC Business Group obviously focuses on PCs, where Lenovo hopes to innovate and up profits despite the current PC slump. But while many PC makers are hurting due to the migration toward mobile devices, Lenovo remained the world's largest PC vendor for the second quarter in a row with its highest ever market share of 17.7 percent in its fiscal Q2 2013/2014 financial results.

Gianfranco Lanci -- who currently leads Lenovo EMEA -- will head the PC Business Group. 

The Mobile Business Group will focus on smartphones, tablets and smart TVs with the idea of making Lenovo a "profitable, global player" in the space. Just earlier this month, the company introduced four new smartphones, including the Vibe Z, S930, S650, and the A859.


Liu Jun -- who currently leads the Lenovo Business Group -- will head the Mobile Business Group. 

As for its Enterprise Group, Lenovo plans to continue building up its server and storage units and create a fast-growing profit engine in the enterprise sector. It will be run byGerry Smith, who currently leads Lenovo's Americas Group.

Lenovo added that if its huge acquisition of IBM's x86 server business gains regulatory approval, this business would be lumped into Smith's group. 

The Ecosystem and Cloud Services Group aims to continue building on the China ecosystem and create new strategies for an expanded ecosystem (and make monetization a priority, as well). Any Android and Windows opportunities would be integrated into this group, and it will be led by George He, senior vice president of Lenovo -- who currently serves as Chief Technology Officer.

There are some other executive shifts as well, including Peter Hortensius, who currently head of Lenovo's Think Business Group and will be the new Research and Technology and Chief Technology Officer, (replacing George He); Gianfranco Lanci, who was promoted to Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer; CFO Wong Wai Ming, who was promoted to Executive Vice President, and Liu Jun and Gerry Smith, who were promoted from Senior Vice President to Executive Vice President.

Source: Lenovo

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