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Lenovo Q100  (Source: Engadget)
Lenovo offers new computing devices for home users

Lenovo was one of the later entrants into the netbook market with its S10 and S12 machines. The company is also getting into the nettop market and has announced three new computers that are aimed at home users.

The Lenovo IdeaCenter D400 home server is intended to host and store digital content on a home network like photos, video, and music from multiple computers. The D400 supports up to 8TB of storage cobbled together from different types and capacity hard drives. Other features of the D400 include quintet of USB ports and an eSATA port for external storage. The D400 will start at $499.

Lenovo also unveiled the IdeaCenter Q100 and its big brother the Q110 nettops. The main difference between the two is that the Q110 sports some NVIDIA Ion action. Both of the nettops cram their hardware into the same 6 x 6.3 x 0.7 inch chassis and run Atom 230 CPUs, 1GB of RAM for the Q100 and 2GB of RAM for the Q110, 160GB of HDD storage for the Q100 and the Q110 gets 250GB.

The Q100 runs Windows XP and only sucks down 14 watts of power when idle and 40 watts at full load. The Q110 runs Windows Vista and has an HDMI out for connecting to your big screen. The Q100 will sell for about $249, the Q110 will sell for $349, and they should ship in September.

Lenovo also pulled the wraps off an IdeaCenter Q700 multimedia system that is described as a DVD-like home theater PC. The machine promises connectivity for cameras, smartphones, and other devices allowing the video stored on them to be seen in HD on the big TV. The machine sports Intel Core 2 Duo CPUs and up to 1TB of storage.

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