Lenovo ThinkCentre A61e, the size of a phonebook  (Source: Lenovo)
New ThinkCentre A61e has solar panel option

Lenovo this week announced its latest ThinkCentre A61e ultra small form factor desktop with greater emphasis on green computing. The new ThinkCentre receives the Green Electronics Council’s EPEAT Gold status, for its energy efficiency and environmentally friendly materials. Lenovo’s new desktop features 90 percent recyclable material. The packaging is also 90 percent recyclable.

Lenovo packs the ThinkCentre A61e with energy-efficient 45-watt AMD processors. Single-core AMD Sempron and dual-core Athlon 64 X2 processors are available for the ultra small form factor system. Lenovo also offers an optional solar panel to power the ThinkCentre with sunlight, for the ultimate green experience.

"The importance of maximizing energy efficiency and being environmentally conscious is touching all aspects of our daily lives, from the light bulbs we use to light our homes to the hybrid cars we drive to the green technology we rely on to run our businesses," said, Peter Schrady, vice president and general manager, Emerging Products Business Unit, Lenovo. "Lenovo is committed to providing an extensive menu of environmentally-responsible, energy efficient technology choices, and the ThinkCentre A61e is our signature item. For the first time, a major PC vendor has combined small size and consistently quiet acoustics with a light weight, highly energy efficient desktop offering all at an affordable price."

Powering the ThinkCentre A61e system is an 85 percent efficient power supply. Lenovo claims the combination of energy-efficient processors and the 85 percent efficient power supply yields an average $20 a year savings in energy, per desktop.

Expect the ThinkCentre A61e to be available next month.

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