Sources claim IBM will layoff more employees over the next few days

Many technology firms are consolidating operations and cutting employees from the payroll in preparation for a global economy that is still predicted to get worse. Among the firms hardest hit are some of the biggest names in the technology industry.

Sources close to eWeek report that layoffs will continue at IBM. The technology firm has cut 2,800 employees from its roster already, and that number is expected to climb. The cuts have come from both IBM's software and sales divisions.

Further cuts are expected in the company's Systems and Technology Group. According to sources, the cuts are expected to come quickly -- in the next few days.

Big Blue has shed 1,419 workers in its Software Group and a 1,449 employees in its Sales and Distribution network. EWeek reports that cuts have been in the area of 400 to 500 jobs at each of the IBM facilities located in Burlington, Vt.; Rochester, Minn.; East Fishkill, N.Y.; and Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.

Lee Conrad from the Alliance@IBM said, "We expect further cuts over the next couple of days in other IBM divisions. We expect this to keep going right through the month. It's really unacceptable to us that IBM is not releasing the numbers or locations on these cuts. ... It's up to IBM to come clean on this."

The first round of layoffs at IBM started on January 21, but IBM has yet to come clean on where the layoffs occurred and how many were cut officially. Among the workers said to have been let go already are 20 marketing managers and nine VPs in the sales and distribution group.

IBM recently settled a lawsuit against Apple regarding one of its former employees Mark Papermaster. Papermaster has been allowed to begin work at Apple.

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