LG's BH100 hybrid Blu-ray/HD DVD player
LG's hybrid Blu-ray HD DVD will not receive certification without support for iHD

While it's commendable that LG took the time to develop a standalone player that can playback both Blu-ray and HD DVD content, it should be noted that the company will not be able to sell the player to the public in its current form according to BetaNews. LG's BH100 player has no trouble conforming to all of the specifications of the Blu-ray disc standard, but it does not, however, conform to the iHD feature used in HD DVD discs.

iHD or "interactive High Definition" provides interactive features for HD DVDs. In other words, the BH100 will be able to play HD DVD movies just fine, but all interactive menus and special features (PIP, bookmarks, downloads/updates) will be unavailable to the customer.

Because of this omission, the BH100 will not receive certification from the DVD Forum -- and without certification, that means that the player cannot be advertised and sold as an HD DVD player.

Kevin Collins, a Microsoft representative for the HD DVD group, also made note that LG never contacted them before making their public announcement at CES. Collins also reported that the DVD Forum could possibly take legal action against LG for using the HD DVD logo when it doesn't in fact support all the features of the standard.

Considering the BH100's $1,199 USD price tag, consumers would be better off scoring a 20GB Sony PlayStation 3 for $499 and a $599 Toshiba HD-A20 to serve your 1080p Blu-ray/HD DVD passions.

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