2.6GHz Opterons with land-grid arrays

The Computex 2006 trade show is over (at least for DailyTech) but we still have a few tidbits of information here and there.  Over the past few days we've gotten a good look at some of the AMD Socket F motherboards and chipsets, and today we have a few shots of the CPUs at the DailyTech labs. 

The OSA2218GAA6CQ is a dual-core 2.6GHz AMD Opteron Revision F processor, code named Santa Rosa.  The CPU features DDR2-667, Pacifica virtualization support, Presido security extensions and 1207 land-grid array pins. Like current Intel processors, AMD's Revision F Opterons have the entire pin interconnects on the motherboard, and the processors simply use connected pads to interface with the motherboard.  The processor also features enhanced memory RAS and registered DIMMs.  An AM2 version of the processor dubbed Santa Ana is expected later this year as well.

The general consensus from manufacturers is that the July 11 embargo date that was originally set by AMD public relations may be overly optimistic.  The motherboards and CPUs appear ready, so the root of this speculation may revolve around the actual channel launch date and not the OEM availability.

AMD is expected to get at least one more revision out of the LGA-1207 Socket F; the Deerhound quad-core Revision G processor is also slated to use the LGA-1207 socket.  After Deerhound, AMD roadmaps show plans for quad-core K8L processors using HyperTransport 3.0, but these same roadmaps have not confirmed which socket interface the processors will use.

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