webOS TV will use Cards interface

When LG purchased webOS from HP earlier this year, the electronics firm tipped that it would use the OS it had purchased in a new line of Smart TVs. Now, word has surfaced from the Wall Street Journal that LG is planning to unveil that webOS-powered Smart TV at CES 2014 next week.
WebOS hasn’t exactly had a success on the market since it was first launched by Palm as an operating system for smartphones in 2009. HP purchased Palm to get webOS in 2010 and was unable to make anything successful using the operating system.

webOS failed in the mobile market, but LG is looking to give it new life with Smart TVs.
LG has made no official comment on the Smart TV, but rumors suggest that it will feature the easy-to-use Cards interface that has been part of webOS since its initial introduction.
Samsung is working on its own Smart TV operating system, Tizen, which is being developed in cooperation with Intel. The OS will be used on smartphones and TVs and is expected to debut next year.

Source: WSJ

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