More patent woes for Samsung

LG Display, Samsung Display, and Samsung Electronics are in the middle of another patent battle in South Korean courts. LG has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Samsung Electronics alleging that Samsung is infringing on multiple LG OLED patents.  
LG specifically calls out several Samsung products as infringing including the popular Galaxy S III and Galaxy Tab 7.7. In total, LG Display alleges that a total of five Samsung products infringe on seven of its patents on OLED technology.
OLED screens are seen as one of the biggest growth sectors in the display market and competition is extremely fierce.
The lawsuit was filed in a Seoul Central District Court, and LG Display is seeking monetary damages and a ban on the sale of infringing devices within South Korea. LG issued a statement that read, "This lawsuit has been filed both to enforce LG Display’s intellectual property rights and promote fair competition."
Samsung has stated that it plans to consider a legal response to LG's suit if needed. Samsung has also previously alleged that two former employees, who now work for LG, stole OLED technology when they left and shared it with LG.

Sources: BusinessWeek, AFP

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