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LG looks to steal some of the Moto 360's thunder

LG first dropped hints of a quick successor to the G Watch earlier this month. Then, over the weekend, LG dropped a teaser video for the G Watch R, stating that the smartwatch would be unveiled during IFA 2014 next week in Berlin.
Well, it looks as though LG is trying to get ahead of the fervor surrounding the Motorola Moto 360 and this evening spilled all the beans on its G Watch R. The final design is quite attractive with its stainless steel bezel/frame and leather band, looking more or less like a traditional timepiece versus the square design of the original G Watch.
The G Watch R features a 1.3” circular Plastic OLED (P-OLED) display with a 360x360 resolution. Unlike the Moto 360, LG doesn’t have a little cutout at the bottom of the display to make room for the display driver and ambient light sensor. Instead, we’re assuming it’s housed within the bezel around the screen, hence its slightly smaller overall screen size (the Moto 360’s display measures 1.5”).
When it comes to the rest of the specs, most of the internals are carryovers from the original G Watch. That means that the G Watch R carries with its a 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 512MB of RAM, 4GB of internal storage, and IP67 water/dust resistance.

The latest offering does gain a slightly larger battery (410 mAh versus 400 mAh) and a heart rate monitor.
“Wearables are also accessories and consumers will want more than one to choose from. So we wanted to complement the modern design of the original G Watch with the classic look of the G Watch R,” said Dr. Jong-seok Park, president and CEO of the LG Mobile. “Customers can’t go wrong with either device.”
The LG G Watch R will launch during the fourth quarter, however, pricing has not yet been announced for the device.

Source: LG

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Now that is classy
By coburn_c on 8/28/2014 12:32:46 AM , Rating: 3
but I still don't want a 'wearable'

RE: Now that is classy
By Brandon Hill on 8/28/2014 12:39:19 AM , Rating: 3
I was of the same opinion on wearables. However, this thing looks pretty nice, and as long as the battery life is decent, I may bite.

It looks just like a normal watch, so it at least has that going for it...

RE: Now that is classy
By Banana Bandit on 8/28/2014 6:20:12 AM , Rating: 2
Agreed. To me this is one of the most attractive wearables out there.

RE: Now that is classy
By theaerokid on 8/28/2014 9:57:45 AM , Rating: 2
I have a few reservations, but I might bite too. Price is one, but not too strong. My biggest hangups would be having to manage another device in my household. After 2 PC's, 2 laptops, 2 phones and 2 tablets, I might be getting device management exhaustion. If I have to piddle around too much to get it to work right and get my money's worth out of it I might sour on it.

My other potential issue would be its ruggedness and durability. I'm already used to not caring about getting my watch wet, sweaty or dirty in the course of normal usage. I'm not sure how much I'd have to "baby" this thing to keep it from conking out, but we'll wait for the reviews to see what people think.

I do like the idea of changing the functionality from a sporty watch with smart features to a semi-dressy watch with just a software change. Wonder if you can have multiple "skins" loaded on board and switch between them without hooking up to PC.

RE: Now that is classy
By theapparition on 8/28/2014 10:49:28 AM , Rating: 2
I do like the idea of changing the functionality from a sporty watch with smart features to a semi-dressy watch with just a software change. Wonder if you can have multiple "skins" loaded on board and switch between them without hooking up to PC.

Sounds good on paper, but the biggest differentiator between a dress watch and sport watch is thickness. Dress watches need to be thin to fit under a dress shirt cuff. Sport watches tend to be thicker for utilitarian use such as rotating bezels or chronograph functions.

While the display might be able to do skins, the rest of the watch is stuck looking like it does. This will never be thought of as a dress model.

Band choice is also highly questionable. Leather is the preferred for a dress watch but not for an active watch. Don't want to get leather wet. I prefer most of my active watches on bracelet. Only leather on the dress models. Which begs the question....if leather strap, then why not make this look more dressy from the start?

RE: Now that is classy
By theapparition on 8/28/2014 10:51:56 AM , Rating: 2
Another thought. The article does say leather band, but does it really come with a genuine leather? Looks more like a silicone or rubber strap.

Then again, who knows how accurate those renderings are?

RE: Now that is classy
By karimtemple on 8/28/2014 9:21:15 AM , Rating: 2
Smartwatches are really stupid to me, but I admit they do make great fitness trackers. And it could be kind of a funny way to check incoming texts without looking rude. Personally, I don't have a need for a watch or a fitness tracker.

By DFranch on 8/28/2014 8:42:54 AM , Rating: 3
Somebody finally came out with a "smartwatch" that actually looks like a watch. I was mildly interested in the 360, but this one (if the battery life decent, and the price is in the $200-$250 range) might get me to part with my money.

RE: Finally!
By AMDftw on 8/28/2014 9:22:35 AM , Rating: 2
I would have to agree. Looks like my Fossil watch I have now. I paid 250 for my watch. Not a fan of the Black but if they offered stainless steel I would buy it.

RE: Finally!
By Brandon Hill on 8/28/2014 9:25:10 AM , Rating: 2
Stainless steel with a tan/brown leather band. Yeah, that's the ticket!

RE: Finally!
By theapparition on 8/28/2014 11:10:24 AM , Rating: 2
How do you young guys live with yourselves? LOL.

Can't see any value in smart watches other than gimick. And I love watches.

OK, I'm old fashioned, love quality timepieces and have over 80 watches currently. Can't imagine having only a few. Too many brands and styles to choose from. And the choice of the days watch (or watches) depends on what you're doing that day. I don't want to go diving with my Patek Phillipe, nor do I want to go to a dinner party with a Submariner. If hiking, I'll take a Suunto or G-Shock. Different tools for different jobs.

RE: Finally!
By DFranch on 8/28/2014 1:13:45 PM , Rating: 3
I have a couple of Citizen Eco-Drive Chronographs with Perpetual calendar one in Stainless the other Titanium.

I'd have more (for different occasions) like you do (although not 80, maybe 5-10), but my wife would not appreciate the expense. In fact, I'm sure I'd hear about the smartwatch purchase.

There are a couple of things I'd like to see from a smartwatch.

1) Should be more accurate than an analog watch as it can synch the time.
2) I'd like if it vibrates when a call is incoming. I constantly miss phone calls because I didn't hear the ringer in my pocket.
3) maybe the ability to view a text (with ability to text an automated reply if I'm busy).
4) Decline a call if I'm busy and don't want to answer it (that way I don't have to remove it from my pocket just to decline the call).

I'd never want to use a watch to do any of the following (camera, phone call, typing anything, )

RE: Finally!
By Aloonatic on 8/28/2014 2:07:38 PM , Rating: 2
Well, I'm in my late 30s (or at least, that's what my wife and passport tell me, anyway) and the one of the most useful things that my pebble can do is make my phone ring when I can't find it. I know, I could use another phone to do this but it's not always convenient or even possible (no land-line at home, so if I'm on my own....).

Other things I find my pebble watch useful for.

Controlling my media player when walking the dog and I don't want to get my phone out of my pocket, as that's normally his cue to see a rabbit and chase after it, risking a dropped phone.

Receiving and readings texts discreetly at work. (warning for those who have a less than perfect memory, sometimes you'll need to reply and your phone may not be with you but on your desk, so you read the text on your watch and then by the time you're back at your phone you forget to reply).

Cancelling/silencing phone calls discreetly.

I also find it useful for displaying information from exercise apps on my phone when out hiking, and I'd assume that similar apps would be useful when running or biking.

Then there's the other stuff that isn't really useful. Weather updates (look out of a window, but that's true of weather widgets on phones too) and tiny sports scores and news feeds that my be useful to some I suppose.

The option to download lots of watch faces is quite good fun too, and that's what I view my pebble as being, a fun watch.

I'm not sure that they'll really replace a "dress" watch, as it were but these new round watches look to be going in that direction.

Oh, and oldskool Nokia style snake :o)

So let me get this
By TheDoc9 on 8/28/2014 2:29:08 PM , Rating: 2
I still like the Moto, but I probably won't get either.

"And boy have we patented it!" -- Steve Jobs, Macworld 2007

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