An actual love plus bus tour is scheduled for this summer in Japan.

The game of love is big in Japan.  The love simulator game, Love Plus, on Nintendo DS is so popular, that Konami is taking game die hards on a tour around Japan with their virtual girlfriends according to Kotaku

The gaming company anticipates that fans of the love sim game will be willing to pay nearly $500 (USD) to vacation with simulated loves Manaka, Rinko and Nene.  The lineup that Konami has setup with local businesses is designed to "unite" dedicated gamers with their virtual lady loves.  Participants will board the Love Plus bus in Tokyo.  The bus tour will then stop at six designated attractions around Atami. 

The tour would visit the same locations that appear in the game, like the area castle and shrine.  Players with an iPhone app would also be able to have their picture taken with their Love Plus girlfriend. 

The six locations have been set up for a stamp rally, so gamers would need to pick up a stamp rally sheet from the Atami Station Tourism Guide Concierge.  Apparently, participants will only get the sheet if they "show" their girlfriend to the concierge on their handheld.

The tour is expected to run this month and will be open to a maximum of forty actual participants. Hotel accommodations will be made available at the Ohnoya Hotel, which is also included as a location in the game. 

Complimentary gifts will include Love Plus bath powder, a Love Plus manju (a popular Japanese treat made from flour, rice powder, buckwheat, azuki beans and sugar), and a handy little Love Plus towel.

The Love Plus summer bus tour stamp rally is similar to a Pokemon stamp rally for children  that is held in Tokyo every summer.

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