The WORX TRIVAC 3-in -1, you are right, does it all with flip of a switch. It sounds perfect and easy to work with that is true too.

This one-handed operation in blower and vacuum modes, is advertised because there are no tubes to switch between tasks, as a blower produces and airspeed of up to 210 mph, and then easily change to vacuuming dry leaves at up to 14 gallons per minute.
 Also it is advertised,” while vacuuming, the high impact resistant impeller mulches leaf up to 1/10 of their original size.
It is comfortable and easy handle. This environment friendly blower is an efficient alternative to gasoline-powered tools. Innovative vacuum tube design easily reaches under decks & patio furniture (so does any other electric blowers).     
Technical specifications:
Rated Voltage               120V~ 60HZ
Power Input                   12AMPs
Air Speed                          80-210 MPH
Air Volume                       350 CFM
Gag Capacity                    1.2 Bushels
Mulch Ratio                      10:1
Machine Weight               9.5 LBS
Warranty                             3 Years         
These all sound great but really!  Our test result was not so good. Most of the specifications are true but only the one that has to be perfect is not, and that is VAC part of it, the suction power is not there even for day leaves, just power is not there to do the job. 
It is interesting that the same tool priced so differently from one supplier to another one” $69 –$99”. 

- You could always run your lawnmower with bag over leaves, so that considered as a 3-in-1 tool.  
While, grass is being cut, leaves collected and mulched as well.  Important thing is that not only you did spend money also did not add to garage tools.
This will solve the mulching part of the season, but still we need to worry about blowing part? If you do not like to rack
- The cheaper blowers are available in the market, just simply blow leaf to the area you want, or blow over the lawn and then collect with lawn mower and you are down.  

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