Kutaragi proudly cradles his newest creation
Father of PlayStation moves from hardware to software

Ken Kutaragi, widely credited as the father of the PlayStation, could now be shifting is attentions from hardware to software. Sony and Namco Bandai have announced (Japanese PDF) a joint venture in the formation of a new games company, named Cellius, with Ken Kutaragi serving as chairman. The two companies are investing about ¥100 million ($823,000) to form Cellius, with Sony owning 49 percent and Namco Bandai taking majority at 51 percent. The venture will begin operations on March 6, Bloomberg reports.

As the name implies, Cellius will focus on producing games for the Cell processor, which currently means exclusively for PlayStation 3. Cell may eventually find itself into other set top boxes and mobile devices, opening up the possibility for Cellius to develop for more than one platform.

While it’s not yet clear what his role will be in Cellius, Kutaragi’s position at Sony has shifted. In late November, Kutaragi was promoted chairman and group CEO for SCEI, moving him a bit further away from direct control of regular PlayStation operations. With the latest iteration of the PlayStation complete, Kutaragi’s engineering know-how could now shift to strengthening the PS3’s software portfolio.

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