The phone can be charged to 80% capacity using solar power

Japanese cell phone provider KDDI au has announced that it plans to sell a waterproof solar-powered cell phone in June. The phone, which is manufactured by Sharp Corporation, will be part of KDDI’s 2009 summer line up of new phones. The new phone is touted as the world’s first waterproof solar-powered cell phone.

According to KDDI’s press release, after ten minutes of charging the phone will be capable of one minute of talk time or two hours of stand-by. It will be possible to charge the phone battery up to 80% capacity using solar energy.  KDDI au is promoting the eco friendly nature of the phone as one of its selling points.

Unconfirmed images on the web show the phone will most likely be a flip phone with the solar panel located on the top cover. In the Japanese market, flip phones with large display screens are very common allowing for easy text messaging. The large display screen would also provide the space needed for a solar panel.

The phone will be sold in the Japanese market only and there are no announced plans for the phone outside of Japan.

The peculiar way in which the Japanese cell phone market has developed allows for advanced features that are not available anywhere else in the world. The ability to watch television and make purchases using a cell phone are standard features on Japanese phones.

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