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Search engine KinderStart however claimed victory

This week, a California judge dismissed KinderStart's lawsuit against Google over Google's page ranking system. Earlier this year, KinderStart sued Google, alleging that Google was engaging in monopolistic business practices. KinderStart was upset that its Google page rank had dropped to a zero rank earlier this year and ended up suing Google because of lack of traffic and business to KinderStart's own website.

According to reports, KinderStart claimed that traffic to its website had dropped 70% since its rank on Google changed. KinderStart itself is also a search engine, but focuses on finding information related to children. US District Judge Jeremy Fogel dismissed a total of nine claims made by KinderStart including denial of KinderStart's free speech, destruction of competition, predatory pricing and others.

Google legal spokesperson Michael Kwun said that Google is "pleased that Judge Fogel dismissed all of KinderStart's claims." Despite the win for Google, Judge Fogel did not dismiss the possibility of an appeal. Gregory Yu, an attorney for KinderStart claimed that it had a victory on its hands, and that KinderStart would file for an appeal before September 29th.

Google's PageRank algorithm has been a key technology for the search giant. Results appearing on Google's search engine are deemed relevant on a number of factors, including how often the page is linked from other websites.

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Playing "My arse bleeds for ya". <|;D

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