Meanwhile, 78 percent of Apple's mobile users are on iOS 7

Things are definitely looking up for Android. The mobile operating system can be found on a vast number of smartphones and tablets, easily eclipsing competing platforms from Apple and Microsoft. In fact, Gartner predicts that over 1.1 billion Android-based smartphones and tablets will ship this year. In addition, Google and a number of auto manufacturers are banding together to put Android inside the dash of your next vehicle.
But with so many different Android devices shipping at varying price points and in varying configurations, there’s bound to be plenty of that dreaded word that analysts like to talk about: fragmentation. In its first distribution numbers assessment released for 2014, Google shows that 54.5 percent of devices are running some version of Jelly Bean — this covers 4.1.x (which was released in mid-2012) up to the more recent 4.3 (which was released in July 2013).

The most recent version of Android, 4.4 KitKat, makes up just 1.4 percent of all Android installations. Interestingly, there are still over 21 percent of devices out there still running on Gingerbread.

For comparison, 78 percent of Apple’s mobile devices are running the latest version, iOS 7. The number of users running iOS 6 has fallen to 18 percent, and those using even earlier versions now stand at 4 percent.

Sources: Google, Apple

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