Thompson says You don't know Jack

Jack Thompson, the infamous attorney that has been a factor in multiple anti-video game lawsuits, reportedly walked out of a hearing before the Florida Bar Association today. Thompson’s hearing went on without him and the Florida Bar Association recommended Thompson be disciplined with an “enhanced disbarment” stipulating that Thompson can’t apply to practice law again for a decade.

The reason Thompson cited for walking out of the courtroom was that Judge Dava Tunis, whom Thompson calls the referee, didn’t have the authority to hear his case. Thompson claims that Tunis has an invalid loyalty oath and that because the oath is invalid Tunis will be removed from office and can’t preside over his Bar hearing. Thompson also claims that Tunis forged a new loyalty oath to cover the fact that her original oath was invalid due to improper wording.

Thompson filed a massive and rambling 14 page document he titled “Thompson’s Formal Objection to June 4 Sanctions “Hearing””. Thompson points out in the opening lines of his objections that, “I depart from the traditional identification of myself, a party herein, in the third person and instead speak in my own voice in the first person directly to the referee.”  After all speaking about himself in the first person would make him sound crazy.

In the rambling objection document, Thompson claims that he has been denied is due process by not having the accusations against him made clear “in English any rational person can understand.” Thompson also claims that Tunis leaked the court document outlining that he was found guilty on 27 of the 31 counts raised by the Florida State Bar.

Thompson goes on to compare his quest to confront Howard Stern and his supporters to John the Baptist confronting Herod about marrying his brother’s wife.

The best sentence from the entire rambling document says, “The consequence of all of this post facto oath taking is that all that the Florida Supreme Court has done in this case is invalid and will be voided, and if you think I will not accomplish that end then a) you do not understand the lawsuit already filed, and b) you don’t know Jack.”

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