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Israel has grappled with the idea of hostile Islamic theocracies like Iran developing nuclear weapons and long range missiles.  The country has been hard at work at missile defenses, which it now brags are virtually impenetrable.  

But the small nation has another new weapon up its sleeve, to prevent a missile threat -- texting.  According to newly released information from the Israeli government, eViglio and Ericsson will be contracted to construct a new system which will send SMS text alerts to citizens who might be in the area targeted by an incoming missile.

The system will reportedly cost around $7M USD.

The messages will come in multiple languages (Hebrew, English, Russian, Arabic and Amharic).  They may also be broadcast to TVs, radios, websites and "billboards".  eViglio and the government brag that the system will be the first such SMS alert system that will detail how regions will be affected by an incoming assault based on their geography.

The system may also double to provide citizens with information in event of a natural disaster, such as a hurricane or earthquake.  Manmade threats are not the only dangers the small nation faces.  Israel historically has suffered a major earthquake every 80 years and it is reportedly overdue for one.

If you live in Israel (or are visiting) you might want to keep those phones charged and keep an eye on them.  After all, while most hope for a new and lasting security for Israel, history would suggest otherwise -- be the threats manmade or natural.

In the meantime Israel and its U.S. defense contractor allies are hard at work on both groundand air weaponry to keep a step ahead of its would-be attackers.  The nation is also working to improve its architecture, which is reportedly ill-prepared for a major earthquake event.

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