Table Tennis Gets ‘First Robotic Coach; Roller Coasters Go Digital with VR- Enhanced Rides

Table Tennis Gets ‘First Robotic Coach

A robot in Japan is up for the coaching job. If you are planning to learn and play table tennis, the robot just will do that.  The robot called FORPHEUS was named the “first robot table tennis tutor” that has ability to play and teach the sport too.  The robot has even earned a Guinness World record for its tutoring skill.  Unique technological intelligence and educational capabilities earned it the title. The record-breaking robot uses vision and motion sensors to track a match, with cameras following the ball 80 time per second. The same cameras also help the Robot in its role as a teacher, according to its developers. Algorithms and artificial intelligence allow FORPHEUS to rate players, assessing their gameplay to better tailor the lessons.

Roller Coasters Go Digital with VR- Enhanced Rides

According to Kacey deamer; the New Revolution Galactic Attack at Six Flags will combine the roller-coaster ride with virtual reality for a “mixed reality experience”. Samsung renewed its partnership with the amusement park  to launch the New Revolution Galactic Attack, a virtual –reality (VR) roller coaster experience which riders don Samsung gear VR headsets (powered by Oculus) for an immersive,” mixed - reality” ride.

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