Model numbers for Intel's upcoming mobile chips leaked

Intel shows no signs of slowing down when it comes to its mobile processors. Intel's Core-based architecture has being doing remarkably well in the marketplace with Celeron-M, Pentium Dual Core, Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Extreme processors covering the vast spectrum between budget and high-end notebooks.

Intel will up the ante again on January 6, 2008 with its new 45nm Penryn-based Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Extreme dual core processors.

It's highly plausible that the chips could make their first appearance at CES 2008 (January 7, 2008) with further unveils at MacWorld 2008 in Apple’s oft-rumored tablet, revamped MacBook Pros or refreshed iMac desktops.

Apple's current MacBook Pro makes use of the Core 2 Duo T7500, T7700 and T7800 65nm Merom processors which will be phased out in favor of the new T8300, T9300 and T9500. Likewise, the current iMac uses Core 2 Duo T7250, T7700 and Core 2 Extreme X7900 processors which are being replaced by the T8100, T9300 and X9000.

Penryn Notebook Launch Processors
L2 Cache
Launch Price
X9000 2.8 GHz 44W 6MB
T9500 2.6 GHz 35W 6MB
2.5 GHz 35W 6MB
T8300 2.4 GHz 35W 3MB
2.1 GHz 35W 3MB

Apple isn't the only company that stands to benefit from the new Penryn-based notebook chips -- expect a slew of announcement from PC manufacturers on new or revamped notebooks features the faster, cooler-running processors.

Initial Penryn mobile processors will launch exclusively with a 35W thermal envelope.  Existing Merom mobile processors (T7000-series) also fit inside the 35W envelope at standard voltage.  However, with the Montevina Centrino refresh in the second half of 2008, new Penryn mobile processors will receive a 25W TDP rating instead. 

Looking further into the future, Q3 will see the addition of another group of 45nm Penryn-based processors using Intel's Montevina platform. These processors will feature 6MB of L2 cache in Core 2 Duo form and 12MB of cache for Core 2 Extreme models -- both will feature 1066MHz FSBs along with support for DDR3 memory.

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