This new technology by Intel uses an groundbreaking non-volatile memory.

Today’s storage options consist of hard drives and solid-state drives.We all know the advantages and disadvantages of each of these. Solid State Drives write and access data much faster than traditional hard drives. The problem has been the cost comparison to hard drives.  It is a fact that hard drives (HDs) are much less expensive than solid state drive (SSDs). However, the benefits of SSDs for outweigh the cost.



This new technology by Intel uses an groundbreaking non-volatile memory. The technology stores memory in three dimensions instead of the traditional two dimensions offered by hard-disk platters and circuit based solid-state drives.


Photo Source: Intel


Here are the SPECS:

High Speed

You computer can wake instantly, search and find files in a flash, and save large files quickly.

Amazing responsiveness

Optane optimizes your computer’s responsiveness from system startup to program and app launch.

Revolutionary technology

This new technology is groundbreaking innovation based on a stacked mesh structure that accelerates your system.

Affordable performance with HDD capacity

Intel Optane can effectively be coupled with a large capacity HDD to provide the speed of a solid-state drive with the affordable capacity of a hard disk drive.

Platform confidence

A 7th Gen Intel Core processor paired with Intel Optane memory enhances your computer’s responsiveness and high speed performance during extreme computer sessions.

Backed by Intel

This new class of non-volitile memory technology is backed by more than 30 years of expertise in memory and processor manufacturing.  Intel is a global leader in this field.

Intelligent system acceleration

Access to files, and software becomes is sped up as the intelligent software automatically learns your computing patterns and intuitively responses to your needs.


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