Nokia and Intel will work together on several projects

Intel and Nokia teased the technology world with an announcement that they would be making an important announcement today concerning the two firms. Speculation ran rampant that the announcement would be of a new product using Intel technology.

Many believed that the announcement would be of a new Nokia netbook, which Nokia's CEO mentioned was a possibility in February. The announcement is now official, and it is not a new product. The two companies have announced that they will form a strategic relationship that will help shape the next era of mobile products.

The firms will work together to define a new mobile platform capable of more than today's netbooks, notebooks, and mobile phones using hardware and software from the two company's technology assets. The goal is to bring an always-on Internet connected device to market that can fit into a pocket. Part of the agreement also has Intel and Nokia working together on open source mobile Linux software projects.

"This Intel and Nokia collaboration unites and focuses many of the brightest computing and communications minds in the world, and will ultimately deliver open and standards-based technologies, which history shows drive rapid innovation, adoption and consumer choice," said Anand Chandrasekher, Intel Corporation senior vice president and general manager, Ultra Mobility Group. "With the convergence of the Internet and mobility as the team's only barrier, I can only imagine the innovation that will come out of our unique relationship with Nokia. The possibilities are endless."

Among the software projects the two companies will work on together are Moblin, oFono, ConnMan, Mozilla, X.Org, BlueZ, D-BUS, Tracker, GStreamer, and PulseAudio. Intel also announced that it was licensing key Nokia patents for HSPA and 3G modem technologies. Intel says that the patents will allow it to support multiple mobile broadband standards on its platforms.

"Today's announcement represents a significant commitment to work together on the future of mobile computing, and we plan to turn our joint research into action," said Kai Öistämö, Executive Vice President, Devices, Nokia. "We will explore new ideas in designs, materials and displays that will go far beyond devices and services on the market today. This collaboration will be compelling not only for our companies, but also for our industries, our partners and, of course, for consumers."

"It seems as though my state-funded math degree has failed me. Let the lashings commence." -- DailyTech Editor-in-Chief Kristopher Kubicki
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