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Intel launches new "value" SSDs

Maybe we were napping under a rock when this SSD was announced, but it now looks as though Intel has a 40GB “value” version of its second generation SSD available for consumers. When the X-25M G2 was released last year, it was available in 80GB and 160GB versions. Shortly afterwards, Kingston began rebranding Intel's G2 SSDs and included just 40GB of storage onboard.

Now Intel is shipping 40GB retail-packaged parts with its name on them and e-tailers are quickly listing them. According to Newegg, the new 40GB SSD is labeled as an X25-V (part number SSDSA2MP040G2R5).

Like all G2 SSDs from Intel, this particular model is uses 34nm NAND flash memory and fully supports TRIM in supported operating systems (such as Windows 7). Interestingly, write speeds for Intel's X25-V are slightly lower than Kingston's 40GB SSDNow V which is based on the same architecture. Kingston's SSD shows maximum writes as "up to 40 MB/sec" while Intel's drive features maximum writes of "up to 35 MB/sec" according to Intel's technical specifications [PDF]. Reads remain the same for both drives at “up to 170 MB/sec”.

Newegg currently lists the drive at $130 while Mwave has it slightly cheaper at $125.

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If only
By twhittet on 1/5/2010 5:41:04 PM , Rating: 1
I hadn't upgraded to Win 7. I could manage 40 for XP boot drive easily, but I just don't trust 40 for Win 7.

RE: If only
By bug77 on 1/5/2010 6:11:27 PM , Rating: 5
FWIW, my windows folder (home premium 64bit) is about 15.5GB. But the Users folder is already at 20GB.

Anyway, 40GB is the size of a flash stick these days, not of a hard-drive :(

RE: If only
By wifiwolf on 1/5/2010 9:32:30 PM , Rating: 4
just move your "documents" folder outside the primary hdd. And get a bonus of not having to backup when formatting.

RE: If only
By homebredcorgi on 1/5/2010 10:20:09 PM , Rating: 2
I have an X-25M on win7 x64 on two computers. One is full of very large programs (Adobe CS, MATLAB, a few games, etc). That one is at about 50 gigs. The other is a stripped down HTPC that is around 20 gigs.

There are several things that can be done to free up quite a bit of extra space in windows:
1. Move or turn off the pagefile
2. Turn off hibernation
3. Turn off system restore
4. Move all of the "my documents" type folders to another drive

Doing those three things on my main machine freed up over 15 Gb of space. It will depend upon how much RAM you have, but it makes a big difference if you can live without them.

RE: If only
By AnnihilatorX on 1/6/2010 4:38:01 AM , Rating: 2
I have 2.5GB left on my Windows 7 64bit on a 32GB (Formatted 29.1 effective) SSD (which uses more space than 32bit) That's including 3GB Hibenation file and 4GB page system file.

I install all large apps off another HDD and only install small and start-up apps like driver utilities in C drive. I have moved my documents folder to another HDD.

With Vista I used to have to use symbolic links (much more advanced form of 'shortcut' to hack window into placing files into another HDD when the folder in theory cannot be moved in the primary drive. With Windows 7 I do not have to do this.

However I am thinking of moving user temp folder to D using symbolic links (this has to be setup from another Windows installation), or simply one have to clean it regularly.

RE: If only
By steven975 on 1/6/2010 8:12:43 AM , Rating: 2
My windows drive is about 45GB made up of:
Pagefile and hibernation: 15GB
Documents/Music/User: 6GB
Windows itself: 24GB

Win7 x64 with XP VM installed

RE: If only
By Jedi2155 on 1/5/2010 9:36:54 PM , Rating: 2
I have to ask as its been bothering me for years. Is there really a significant improvement in system response just by having the OS on the SSD?
I would think you'd want your applications that you use regularly on it in order to really get the full benefits as I can't imagine the boost being that large once loaded into Windows. I'm still waiting on prices to drop on the 160 GB sized SSD's as I usually have over 100 GB of installed applications not including games which is on a separate partition.

RE: If only
By tastyratz on 1/5/2010 10:03:46 PM , Rating: 2
everything uses windows files.
Think temp folders, dll libraries... everything.

While you certainly will want your applications installed on the drive its mostly their working directory (i.e. temp dir) that matters the most.

But dont take my word for it, there have been back to back/side by side videos posted on youtube that paint a very clear picture of just what kind of difference to expect... which will be about the biggest one you could possibly ever make to your computer.

I certainly think an ssd is beneficial... but 35mb write is just way too low if you ask me. While the iops and read speed will be great, I think that's too low for write speed for a working drive.

RE: If only
By MrBungle123 on 1/6/2010 11:43:54 AM , Rating: 2
35 to 40MB/s writes might be fine if they were cheap enough to get 3 or 4 of them and run a RAID 0

RE: If only
By NaughtyGeek on 1/6/10, Rating: 0
Huh ??
By Reclaimer77 on 1/5/2010 5:28:36 PM , Rating: 5
From my understanding, it was Kingston slapping it's name on a stripped down Intel SSD. The second paragraph seems a bit.. misleading in my opinion. It makes it seem like Kingston came out with something first and now Intel is following suite. Kingston is NOT an SSD manufacturer. They licensed the SSD's from Intel for re-branding, not the other way around.

RE: Huh ??
By Brandon Hill on 1/5/2010 5:35:00 PM , Rating: 4
I've updated the article to make this clearer.

By IvanAndreevich on 1/5/2010 5:18:38 PM , Rating: 2
Kingston has had this product on the shelves for a while. It also happens to be cheaper.

RE: Meh..
By Brandon Hill on 1/5/2010 5:28:08 PM , Rating: 2
I've seen the Kingston drive for as low as $90 shipped from in recent weeks. However, only the Intel SSDs support TRIM AFAICT.

RE: Meh..
By IvanAndreevich on 1/5/2010 7:10:29 PM , Rating: 2
I wonder if you can flash the Kingston with the firmware from this guy.

By RU482 on 1/6/2010 9:44:51 AM , Rating: 2
any chance there will be a 1.8" version of the -V line?

ssd still expensive ...
By samtor on 1/6/10, Rating: -1
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