Intel "Nehalem" to drop into "Tylersburg" platforms

Intel has released early details of its upcoming server and workstation platforms for Nehalem processorsTylersburg. Tylersburg has three variants in the pipeline – EP for efficient performance servers, EN for entry servers and WS for workstations.

Details of Tylersburg are scarce; however, Intel plans to have different variants of a single chipset for each platform. Intel currently names the chipsets Tylersburg-36D, Tylersburg-36S and Tylersburg-24D. Tylersburg-36D is the chipset of choice for dual-socket Tylersburg EP and WS platforms. However, Tylersburg WS makes use of dual Tylersburg-36D chipsets for enhanced expansion. Intel plans to replace existing Bensley and Stoakley platforms with Tylersburg EP and WS platforms.

Tylersburg-24D will find its way into the Tylersburg EN platform. Tylersburg EN is the entry-level server platform that will join Bensley VS and Cranberry Lake platforms. Intel’s single-processor Garlow WS platform will receive a Nehalem makeover with a Tylersburg WS platform. Intel plans to equip single processor Tylersburg WS platforms with the Tylersburg-36S chipset.

Intel’s upcoming Nehalem processor will drop into Tylersburg platforms. Nehalem introduces QuickPath to Intel’s Xeon-based platforms. QuickPath is Intel’s new bus infrastructure, formerly known as common-system interface, or CSI. Intel’s Nehalem architecture features quad cores with simultaneous multi-threading technology, allowing up to sixteen threads on an eight-core platform. Nehalem remains on a 45nm hi-K silicon process, as with Penryn. However, Nehalem will have multi-level shared cache architecture.

Intel plans to debut Tylersburg platforms and Nehalem in the second half of 2008.

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