Chipmaker Intel has announced a new hardware naming system that will use metallic classifications for Xeon parts.

In the past, we talked about Intel possibly rebranding its Xeon products.  The company has officially announced its new hardware naming system, and given some additional information on how and why it’s making this transition. Intel will use metallic classifications to identify specific Xeon parts.


Intel Data Center

This new branding system will have a number of different technologies:

Here is the new Intel XEON processor Scalable Family platform 


Almost everything is advanced such as brand-new core, Cache, on-die interconnects, memory controller along with better performance, Security, Efficiency, and ability to move quickly and easily. High- speed Internet, and SSD all are there.

This Intel unified product system. AVX-512 is an interesting structure that traditional desktop chips do not have it. According to Intel, one reason for this change was to accommodate customers’ various need. Under the old system, if you had an application that loved cache, it might run extremely well on Intel E7 processors, which carry more memory. But you would pay a huge amount for getting that part, since Intel’s 8 core chips are so expensive. Under in new system chips are well organized by capability and features, for entry level (Bronze) and for the ultra –high-end lines (Platinum).  It is not clear that whether this going to be customer friendly or not, questionable.    Unless the new product tested there will be no guarantee that this will boost the performance as it shows on the platform.    

Biggest Data Center Platform Advancement in a decade.

Intel also could be getting prepared for AMD’s server launch. Naples is a formidable opponent in various performances of workloads that the test result in servers has not been reported in reviews.   


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