Intel plans to ship one million quad-core CPUs before AMD ships one

Intel’s Pat Gelsinger today at IDF2006 stated Intel is set to ship one million quad-core processors before AMD even ships one. This isn’t too surprising as Intel is set to release Kentsfield and Clovertown processors next month for enthusiast gamers, workstations and server markets.

AMD on the other hand has no plans to ship its quad-core Deerhound Socket F processors until late next year, giving Intel quite a long head start.   Earlier this year, AMD CEO Hector Ruiz claimed the company would demonstrate its quad-core architecture this year.  In August of this year, AMD publically announced that the company has taped out its native quad-core CPU. Traditionally AMD ships its processors a year after taping out.

Intel's quad-core Kentsfield has already been benchmarked by DailyTech and found to scale very well in multi-threaded applications. There’s an approximate 2x performance increase without consuming too much more power.

The quad-core Kentsfield processor will ship as the Core 2 Extreme QX6700 followed by the lower clock Core 2 Quad Q6600 that will ship in the first half of next year. Intel is also expected to ship its Kentsfield Xeon 3200 series quad-core processors the first half of next year as well. The quad-core Clovertown Xeon 5300 series processor is expected next month around the same time as the Core 2 Extreme QX6700 launch.

Intel’s upcoming 45nm products are expected to arrive the second half of 2007 as well.

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