Conroe-L's BIOS information
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Intel just internally released some documentation about Conroe-L BIOS specifics.  Conroe-L, as we have previously disclosed on DailyTech, is a single-core version of Conroe for value systems.

Intel documentation claims that Conroe-L is not part of the immediate Core 2 family processors, but part of an "extended family" instead.  Conroe and Woodcrest are single-die CPUs with two cores per CPU.  Kentsfield, Clovertown and Tigerton have two dice per package, but are still considered part of the same family as Conroe and Woodcrest: the processors use the same signatures.  Conroe-L apparently has a different processor signature and different model number, but uses the same processor family identification. 

The main difference between Conroe-L and the rest of the Conroe family, according to older Intel roadmaps, is the fact that Conroe-L will only be a single core processor.  Whether or not this means one core has been disabled is not specified yet, though it is important to note that the Core 2 architecture has a shared cache -- meaning if one core is disabled it does not mean half of the processor cache is disabled.

Intel's latest roadmap still has Conroe-L slated for a Q2'07 launch.  The Core 2 Duo version of Conroe is expected to start shipping on the 23rd of July, with the embargo lift shortly after.

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