Intel Optane P4800X  (Source: Intel)
Intel’s new Optane SSD P4800X Series is the first device to offer a combination of the attributes of memory and storage.

Designed to be used in servers, this ultra-fast 3d storage technology is leading edge. It provides an innovative combination of high throughput, low latency, high Qos and extreme endurance.  The P4800X is designed to resolve data access bottlenecks through a new data storage tier solution. Data centers can now deliver larger and more affordable datasets which provide greater insights from large memory pools.

Experience consistent read response times whatever the write load or demand placed on the drive. The read response times remain below < 30µs while tolerating up to 2GB/s of random write pressure.
Here are the SPECS:
Intel Optane SSD DC P4800X Series
Capacity 375 GB
Latency Under 10µs
Quality of Service: 99.999% 4 KB random queue depth, read/write:
<60/100 µs
4 KB random queue depth 16, read/write: <150/200 µs
Throughput IOPs random 4 KB read/write: up to 550,000/500,000
IOPs random 4 KB 70/30 mixed read/write: up to 500,000
Endurance 30 DWPD; 12.3 petabytes written (PBW)
Form Factor AIC (HHHL)

Source: Intel

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