A 300mm wafer with 45nm test shuttles. Fab 24-2 will only produce 65nm products at launch - Image courtesy Intel
Intel's newest 300mm fab is also its first in Europe

Late yesterday, Intel announced the opening of its newest 300mm wafer facility in Leixlip, Ireland.  The new fab is called Fab 24-2, as the facility is essentially an expansion on the existing Fab 24 facility that was built in 2004.

Intel reports that the facility cost about $2B USD to construct, and with 224,000 feet of clean room space the fab is one of the largest in Intel's fleet.  The facility is also the company's first 65nm factory in Europe.  Details were not revealed on exactly how many wafers and processors per month the new fab will sustain.

Intel's Fab 12 in Chandler, Arizona and D1C/D1D fabs in Hillsboro, Oregon already compose of the majority of Intel's 300mm wafer production.  Late last year, Intel representatives claimed a plan was on the table for a 300mm D1E facility in Hillsboro as well.

Intel also has plans to open another fab in Chandler, dubbed Fab 32, expected to produce 300mm wafers for 45nm CPUs.  Fab 28 in Qiryat Gat, Israel is also expected to product 300mm wafers for 45nm processors when it is completed in 2008.  Intel also has plans to build a massive facility in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, that will even eclipse Fab 24-2 in size. 

AMD is currently considering a multi-billion dollar facility in New York State.

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