NAND flash memory technology at 5X speeds on the way

As if NAND flash wasn't fast enough, Intel and Micron took flash memory technology to a new level. Today, Intel and Micron announced NAND flash memory technology 5 times faster than current NAND flash technology.

The new technology boasts 200 MB/sec read rates and a 100 MB/sec write rates; current technologies off 40 MB/sec and 20 MB/sec rates of current single level cell NAND. This 5-fold increase in speeds is a least partially due to the new ONFI 2.0 standards which, according to the Open NAND Flash Interface Working Group, reduces the time required to transfer data to and from the data buffer by using Double Data Rate signaling and source synchronous clocks that accurately latch signals enabling higher frequencies to be realized.

These specifications, combined with four-plane architecture and higher clock speeds, will help Intel and Micron produce the fastest NAND chips in the world.

"We are working with an ecosystem of key enablers and partners to build and optimize corresponding system technologies that take advantage of its improved performance capabilities. Micron is committed to NAND innovation and designing new features into the technology that create a powerful data storage solution for today's most popular consumer electronic and computing devices," stated Frankie Roohparvar, Micron's VP of NAND Development.

Neither company would hint at when the new technology would reach consumer devices.  

"Well, there may be a reason why they call them 'Mac' trucks! Windows machines will not be trucks." -- Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer

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