Web page listing the November 11 date for "Penryn" no longer available for public viewing

DailyTech previously reported Intel officially set the launch date for its Penryn-based quad-core Intel Xeon processors for November 11. The date popped up on Intel’s reseller webpage and fully accessible to the public. However, since the original article the page is no longer available for public viewing.

It would appear someone accidentally made the web page available to the public, unintentionally. Trying to access the link now sends you to a login page for resellers only – locked away in the depths of Intel’s secret reseller society.

Intel Insiders kindly pointed out something we failed to mention – November 11 is a Sunday. Intel typically announces products on a Monday at midnight EST. However, the posted dates stated the date for a price move. There are a couple plausible scenarios for the November 11 date, because it is on the reseller webpage.

Firstly, the launch announcement could simply be on November 12 and not 11. November 11 could simply be the day manufacturers and resellers can list the new Penryns in their system and for sale. This seems quite plausible, as Intel products occasionally show up in retail before the official launch announcement, example being the P35 Express. Intel typically reserves Sundays for price cuts. However, since the Penryn is essentially brand new in Q4’07, I highly doubt Intel plans to cut the prices so soon.

Another plausible scenario for the November 11 date is Intel plans to start taking orders for Penryn quad-core Xeon processors on that day. This would give retailers a chance to stock up on processors for a hard launch a couple weeks later. Even if this was the case, the official launch date should not be too far off from November 11.

Launch date aside, it wouldn’t be too surprising to see Intel offering members of the press benchmarking time at the Intel Developer Forum 2007.

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