Print 63 comment(s) - last by PrezWeezy.. on Jan 28 at 8:27 PM shows off his fancy new Intel ID badge  (Source: Intel) and Intel CMO Deborah Conrad  (Source: Intel)
Intel made the announcement at a press event in Anaheim, California

Well, here's another story that comes completely out of left field. Last week, we received the rather odd news that Eric Schmidt is stepping down as CEO of Google despite that fact that the company is still rolling in money. Today, an equally baffling announcement came from Intel -- the company revealed that it hired musical artist as its new Director of Creative Innovation. is better known as a member of the popular music group The Black Eyed Peas, but he will now be lending his "talents" to Intel. has signed a multi-year deal with Intel and even has his own Intel ID badge according to Intel's press release. 

“Nearly everything I do involves processors and computers, and when I see an Intel chip I think of all the creative minds involved that help to amplify my own creativity,” said “Teaming up with the scientists, researchers and computer programmers at Intel to collaborate and co-develop new ways to communicate, create, inform and entertain is going to be amazing.”

“We’re thrilled to tap into the limitless creativity brings to the table," exclaimed Intel CMO Deborah Conrad. "He’s not only a brilliant artist and producer, but also an innovator pushing the bounds of technology professionally and personally."

While it's hard for us to picture what exactly brings to the table when it comes to designing microprocessors, Intel assures us that the musician will lend a helping hand in the development of notebooks, tablet computers, and smartphones.

“Our partnership with is a prime example of how we want to convey and deliver the Intel experience, Conrad continued. "It’s imperative that Intel and our innovations are kept in front of the global youth culture that embraces new devices and new forms of communication and entertainment.”

Perhaps we'll now start seeing some Black Eyed Pea-themed commercials from Intel.

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Breaking news.
By theplaidfad on 1/25/2011 5:31:38 PM , Rating: 6
AMD hires Will Smith as director of their Fresh Idea department.

RE: Breaking news.
By sans2212 on 1/25/11, Rating: -1
RE: Breaking news.
By amanojaku on 1/25/2011 6:44:49 PM , Rating: 5
Right... because the world needs another NetBurst... The original Athlon and Opterons are the reasons Intel made Core. AMD has potential; it whipped Intel's @ss pretty good for a few years. It just needs good leadership.

RE: Breaking news.
By Makaveli on 1/25/11, Rating: 0
RE: Breaking news.
By StevoLincolnite on 1/25/2011 9:37:17 PM , Rating: 3
believe AMD got ahead during those P4 days because of its slip up with netburst. Intel already had invested to much money and R&D to just drop the p4 so they had to ride it out. What you've have seen the last few years is intel not sleeping behind the wheel.

And if it wasn't for AMD we would still be dealing with Netburst and Intel trying to push for 10ghz.
Competition pushed Intel to produce the Core series not Intel being a "nice guy".

AMD needs to be thanked for the pressure it has provided over the years.

And for the record i've owned far more AMD systems than intel. Even for fanboys reality has to set it sometime and i'm a huge amd fan but they haven't produce anything I would considering buying since the socket 939 days.

At least there is still choice available for you to choose between either company.

I think the Athlon and Phenom lines are excellent value for Budget machines.
AMD is still the cheapest way to a Quad and Hexacore platform for those who like to do Video encodes/Transcodes etc'.

RE: Breaking news.
By Solandri on 1/26/2011 1:06:52 AM , Rating: 5
And if it wasn't for AMD we would still be dealing with Netburst and Intel trying to push for 10ghz
Competition pushed Intel to produce the Core series not Intel being a "nice guy".

I like AMD, but I'm not convinced their success during the Athlon days really had a lot to do with them out-innovating Intel. The reason Intel stumbled with netburst was because the company at the time was being steered by their marketing department. To marketing, GHz was king, so they steered the company on a path which would yield the highest GHz, all other factors be damned.

Unfortunately for Intel (fortunately for us and AMD), they ran smack into the brick wall of physics. Due to current leakage on sub-90 nm die processes, the power requirements simply balloon out of control when you start to get to really high clock speeds.

Even if AMD hadn't existed, I'm absolutely certain that the Core architecture eventually would've won out. Core came from the Pentium M line of Intel's notebook CPUs. Intel's engineering department was still in control of notebook CPU development because power consumption matters a lot more for notebooks. To them, the primary stat to maximize was performance per watt, not GHz.

So with the P4 advancement being crippled by physics, it was only a matter of time before Pentium M / Core CPUs began to outperform the P4 line and for Intel to see the error of its netburst ways. AMD, which was readying a new CPU core for release at the time, just happened to be in a great position to capitalize on Intel's misstep. But even if AMD hadn't been there, Intel would've switched to PM/Core anyway. AMD just made it happen quicker, and made Intel bleed a lot more for their mistake (which are good things considering the boneheaded things Marketing was making Intel do).

RE: Breaking news.
By mmcdonalataocdotgov on 1/26/11, Rating: -1
RE: Breaking news.
By GuinnessKMF on 1/26/2011 12:52:19 PM , Rating: 4
First, you're posting in a discussion thread of a tech website, did you expect us to be talking about weight gain proteins?

Second, anytime anyone thinks they're making a vague reference, they massively underestimate the culture of the internet.

RE: Breaking news.
By michael67 on 1/26/2011 12:27:40 PM , Rating: 2
And if it wasn't for AMD we would still be dealing with Netburst and Intel trying to push for 10ghz.
Competition pushed Intel to produce the Core series not Intel being a "nice guy".

AMD needs to be thanked for the pressure it has provided over the years.

Its even worse, before the Athlon64 Intel was thinking it had a near monopoly on the desktop market and could push any tech they wanted.

Intel had the plan to phase out after netburst the x86 and force the whole PC industry over to the Itanic architecture.

En yes the overstep to ia64 architecture would not have bin that big as MS already had A OS for the Itanium server line and there was a x86 compiler for Itanium.

RE: Breaking news.
By Makaveli on 1/27/2011 2:07:12 PM , Rating: 2
I thought it was the law of physics that pushed for Core 2 and intel then figured out they were never going to get 10ghz out of the P4.

RE: Breaking news.
By crimson117 on 1/26/2011 9:20:05 AM , Rating: 2
And AMD is still whooping Intel at lower price points, particularly if you factor in motherboard costs.

RE: Breaking news.
By vol7ron on 1/26/11, Rating: 0
RE: Breaking news.
By Einy0 on 1/25/2011 7:12:11 PM , Rating: 4
If AMD was gone Intel would start charging us $500 for entry level CPUs again.

RE: Breaking news.
By Etsp on 1/25/2011 9:32:15 PM , Rating: 2
That 6 is most certainly deserved. Well done.

RE: Breaking news.
By Motoman on 1/25/11, Rating: 0
RE: Breaking news.
By YashBudini on 1/27/2011 6:04:28 PM , Rating: 1
A six, and it can't be altered? Looks like results from Faux.

No seriously.

RE: Breaking news.
By inperfectdarkness on 1/28/2011 2:58:49 AM , Rating: 2
his first contribution:

"i got a feeling (woo-hoo) that intel's gonna sell you a core i5."

By Spuke on 1/25/2011 6:10:38 PM , Rating: 2

By Parhel on 1/25/2011 11:39:22 PM , Rating: 5
I enjoy the Black Eyed Peas. Fun, brainless, makes me smile. But this is just weird. I mean . . . why? Why does Intel need to market itself in that way? What market are they competing in where is going to make a difference?

On the other hand, he is the man who wrote "Boom Boom Pow." Who can forget such lines as "Beats so big I'm stepping on leprechauns. Shitting on y'all with the Boom Boom." Hauntingly beautiful. Brings a tear to my eye.

By snakeInTheGrass on 1/26/2011 1:07:43 AM , Rating: 2
Gee, this should do wonders for the stock. If you can't improve it through earnings, hire... WTF?

By Noya on 1/26/2011 2:52:07 AM , Rating: 5
What market are they competing in where is going to make a difference?

The white suburban market where kids think everything black is cool...until they wander through the wrong neighborhood in a big city.

"What are you spooks up to?" - Walt Kowalski

By Aloonatic on 1/26/2011 7:17:29 AM , Rating: 2
What market?

I think that the next battle field that Intel is entering is the low power, mobile one. Not just Atom powered netbooks, but tablets and probably mobile phones too. Those sorts of devices are going to be aimed at the young, as well as business, but they are currently being powered by Arm, who are starting to be a little more of a nuisance.

Intel has the business sector pretty much sewn up, as much as a company can in a 2 horse (Intel/AMD) race anyway. If they want to make a splash in the youth oriented, facebook on the move etc smart-phone and tablet market, then I guess someone came up with this idea I suppose.

By Parhel on 1/26/2011 9:01:17 AM , Rating: 2
That would make perfect sense if those netbooks, tablets, and mobile phones were Intel branded. It's hard for me to imagine Intel doing that, but maybe that's what they intend to do. I'm sure didn't come cheap, so there has to be a reason.

By vol7ron on 1/26/2011 10:43:22 AM , Rating: 2
I think it's more than mobile phones and tablets, they also were talking about personal gaming devices like PSPs. But by the sound of the hire, the music industry - I'm curious if has any copyrighted music or technology that Intel would also be interested in and wants access to.

Regardless, AMD announced that they were targeting low-powered market, like slot machines and casino games, perhaps this is Intel's answer to it.

By Aloonatic on 1/27/2011 3:03:25 AM , Rating: 3
Many devices and PCs are Intel branded. Have you missed all the "Intel inside" adverts that have been running for years and years and the stickers all over your laptops, netbooks and PCs?

I wouldn't be surprised if Intel were to make more Apple like/inspired adverts (with loud music blaring, people dancing etc) in the near future advertising the low power, mobile devices that are available with "Intel inside". Probably featuring music and appearances by...

At least, that's my best guess.

Personally, I think that William has a bloody good agent (possibly a Sith Lord) who can negotiate pretty good deals (he's been on shows in the UK too, for some reason) for this apparently talentless chancer, even when there's no obvious reason for it, or even if their is, he brings nothing to he program.

By Spuke on 1/26/2011 3:52:41 PM , Rating: 2
On the other hand, he is the man who wrote "Boom Boom Pow." Who can forget such lines as
Or, my personal favorite, "my hump, my hump, my hump, my lovely lady lump...check it out".

By Dean364 on 1/25/2011 6:12:40 PM , Rating: 5
Seriously, WTF?

By XZerg on 1/26/2011 8:26:02 AM , Rating: 1
agreed... I can never stand Black Eyed Peas simply due to their habit of taking few popular themes and mixing them to create an "original" song... To me none of their content feels original and instead feels like they are specifically going for the idiot kids of the upcoming generation...

They would have been so much better off with the likes of Will Smith, Justin Timberlake, Timberland, hell even Gaga would have done better job at representing them in the pop culture.

By Maiyr on 1/26/2011 1:19:58 PM , Rating: 1
No one knows who Will Smith, Justin Timberlake, Timberland, hell even Gaga are anymore. Well maybe Gaga, but the rest, nope. is huge in the dance music industry right now. While dance is only just beginning to take hold in the US it is already, and has been, huge in the rest of the world. While as technical people we may not understand the hiring of such an artist it is forward thinking on the part of Intel. Whether is pays dividends only time tell.


By Spuke on 1/26/2011 4:03:44 PM , Rating: 2
While dance is only just beginning to take hold in the US it is already, and has been, huge in the rest of the world.
LOL! Huh? This form of music has been around for decades in the US. Nothing new here at all.

By Dean364 on 1/27/2011 8:40:06 AM , Rating: 2
House ain't givin' up. House ain't gunna stop. We keep reaching for the top!

By Maiyr on 1/27/2011 10:34:49 AM , Rating: 2
I guess I have been under a rock for the past 4 decades then.


By PrezWeezy on 1/28/2011 8:27:30 PM , Rating: 2
I actually had no clue who he was until I read the article. His name means nothing to me because he is part of the Black Eyed Peas. I happen to know who Lars Ulrich is, but the number of other people who instantly recognize that name are very few compared to the number who recognize Metallica. So using a single artist who is part of a band doesn't make much sense as far as name recognition. Instead, using a self named star (Will Smith, et al) is actually more likely to stir up recognition.

Though, I do agree that this was a good move. They really need someone who is not a geek to help innovate in consumer space. Right now Intel is a big name, but how many people outside of the tech community knows what they reall do? Other than their box saying Intel Inside.

By YashBudini on 1/27/2011 6:13:00 PM , Rating: 2
As Denis leary said back in '97.

www. w t f .com

By raumkrieger on 1/25/2011 7:43:23 PM , Rating: 1
I sincerely hope that Intel badge does not read "". If he's going to be working at a proper company he needs to drop the whole nickname thing and use his big boy name.

RE: William
By Camikazi on 1/25/2011 8:10:16 PM , Rating: 3
They hired him for his notoriety, if he were to change to his real name (William James Adams, Jr.) no one would know who he is and the whole reason for hiring him disappears. He was hired for the same reason Lady GaGa was hired by Polaroid, to make the company look hip and cool basically.

RE: William
By LRonaldHubbs on 1/25/2011 8:17:46 PM , Rating: 2
Unfortunately his badge is unreadable in the press photo:

RE: William
By Parhel on 1/25/2011 11:32:59 PM , Rating: 3
And I sincerely hope that when Intel CMO Deborah Conrad introduced him in the pic at the bottom, she said "WILL.I.AM DROP THE BEAT NOW!!!"

RE: William
By GulWestfale on 1/25/2011 11:42:30 PM , Rating: 3
If he's going to be working at a proper company he needs to drop the whole nickname thing and use his big boy name.

yep, and he might even have to learn how to play an instrument!

By dusteater on 1/25/2011 6:10:30 PM , Rating: 4
This really makes me sad. This took Intel down a notch in my opinion of them.

RE: *sigh*
By corduroygt on 1/25/2011 8:54:05 PM , Rating: 3
What's even worse is he's making more money than the actual people designing the chips.

It's Steve Urkel!
By blueeyesm on 1/26/2011 10:43:24 AM , Rating: 2
Seriously, he looks like Steve Urkel, esp. with those huge freaking glasses.

RE: It's Steve Urkel!
By Astral Abyss on 1/27/2011 12:08:52 PM , Rating: 2
When I look at that picture the first thing I think is Intel freaking out when he comes to the press conference in some pimp outfit. They rush around looking for clothes but all they can come up with is a rumpled shirt that "sort-of" fits and a random suit jacket. rebels by refusing to wear a tie or take off his ski glasses. Well played (what a joke)

RE: It's Steve Urkel!
By Astral Abyss on 1/27/2011 12:13:28 PM , Rating: 2
I mean, check out those pants. They're 4 sizes too long and the jacket is about to pop its buttons off. Is that really a well known musician or a street bum? I'm embarassed for him and Intel.

By VoodooChicken on 1/25/2011 5:51:15 PM , Rating: 2
Gaga and Poloroid seemed to work okay for themselves.

RE: eh
By AstroCreep on 1/25/2011 10:28:33 PM , Rating: 3
The Polaroid/Lady Gaga thing makes sense in that she HELPED DESIGN some of the new products. What is this guy going to bring to the Intel table other than an already over-used song for commercials?

Unless Intel is going to start making their own personal-media devices (to compete with the iPod and Zune), headphones (a la Monter's "Beats by Dre"), audio cards (to complete with Creative...that would be cool though), etc., then I really don't see the point.

I dunno...I guess I'm betting $50 on a MP3 player coming out before too long. :p's idea of creativity
By chmilz on 1/25/2011 6:02:30 PM , Rating: 2
1. Take copyrighted material
2. Loosely arrange a song around it
3. Sell it as a new, creative work
4. Get sued, again

I can't wait until he shows up at an Intel event carrying a bunch of competing products, with Intel and logos pasted over top. "Looksee here at what I invented using my creative brain stuffs!".

RE:'s idea of creativity
By Maiyr on 1/26/2011 1:23:14 PM , Rating: 3
If it is as easy as then I presume you are posting this from your yacht and just have nothing better to do ?


By thartist on 1/25/2011 6:02:28 PM , Rating: 2
How many marketable ideas does this guy have for Intel? Did he even had to show them something to get hired?

Putting that aside, the only thing i can think of is plans for an Intel based music player for the future as far fetched as that may sound, maybe based on Intel's own ARM competitor for which he may provide some marketing flavor.

Dailytech = The Onion?
By Ghost42 on 1/25/2011 8:00:01 PM , Rating: 2
Did Daily Tech and The Onion News Network join forces?

By DKantUno on 1/26/2011 4:28:29 AM , Rating: 2
This is SO much worse than EA getting Snoop Dogg and a couple of other rappers-I-don't-care-about to go "OHHHH" over Bad Company 2. At least that was an entertainment product. Man.

Limitless creativity huh?
By TSS on 1/26/2011 6:02:55 AM , Rating: 2
“We’re thrilled to tap into the limitless creativity brings to the table,"

I'm sorry but i've got to reply to this since i've come across's song called "check it out".

A Japanese theme song (that's never been done before), in autotune (super original), with pretty much a black lady gaga. The chorus consists mostly of "check it out", in the first part "Haters go kill yourself" is sung (he's really hatin on haters in the song) and in the second part actually refers to Mr.t and Ice-t, specifically, OG or Original Gangster (Talk about old). The actual line is " if you stay with me you'll be super OG". He's "gots to stay fly" as well. He has to be it so bad that he says it 5 times within 10 seconds.

I know rap takes some liberties with grammer and pronounciation but this song takes the cake. The girl's rap you don't want to read on paper because it doesn't make any grammatical sense, and's own rap part is words that usually don't come even close to rhyming, except that he added an A behind every word in the song to make it rhyme. And of course, autotune helps here too.

Oh and of course, he calls his own beat "Banging" and "Blazin". Multiple times, of course.

I'm sorry but this guy doesn't bring any creativity to the table. None what so ever. Even if he did... No, he doesn't. The only possible thing he could bring to the table is how he actually manage to get this garbage sold.

Oh, and in closing: Nigga-riffic? Really? Honestly? Come on now. That's just sad.

By gtrinku on 1/26/2011 7:07:09 AM , Rating: 2
This announcement is a real-life Dilbert strip. Just wow.

By Senju on 1/26/2011 6:50:23 PM , Rating: 2
.......I can sing...and play the piano.......

April Fools
By overlandpark4me on 1/26/2011 7:49:04 PM , Rating: 2
Oh wait......

By FXi on 1/26/2011 9:15:03 PM , Rating: 2
Hey they can't build a USB 3 port in a year and a half since the standard was final, but they can hire a face to make it all look good anyway.

At least if you can't innovate you can cover it up with marketing.


By chagrinnin on 1/27/2011 4:47:49 PM , Rating: 2 friends call me B. ill."

You always need a gimmick?
By YashBudini on 1/27/2011 6:08:05 PM , Rating: 2
Can I become famous if I call myself Will-I-Aint?

I mean's what's next? Wearing your underwear exposed and above your pants? Ooops, seems I'm a little late.

Had I been able to see into the future I would have become a proctologist.

It obviously won't work
By YashBudini on 1/27/2011 6:18:19 PM , Rating: 2
Just look at this website, apparently the servers are still running on Pentium IIs, the response time on this site is absolutely pathetic.

By Helbore on 1/26/2011 5:45:10 AM , Rating: 1
I don't get why anyone would want AMD to die, even if you only buy Intel products. Do you like being overcharged by monopolies or something?

By Mumrik on 1/26/2011 11:43:22 AM , Rating: 2
The idiot is trolling. It's his second death wish for AMD in these comments.

By Makaveli on 1/27/2011 2:15:33 PM , Rating: 2
I don't think anyone wants AMD to die at all I like their products. I just want them to be more competitive performance wise. It like following a out of prime favourite sports star, we all want him/her to regain their former glory, and it saddens us to see them in their current form.

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