First generation devices to dance around the $1,000 mark

CNET managed to get a sneek peak at Intel's new UMPC in action. The portable devices feature regular x86 processors (I'm assuming ULV Pentium-M or ULV Core Solo), 7" touch screens and run Windows XP Tablet PC Edition.

Disappointingly, Intel is targeting around three hours of battery life for the first generation devices. Something along the lines of five to six hours would have been preferable, but then we'd possibly be looking at a huge brick to lug around. As of now, the prototypes only last 15 minutes on a charge.

First generation devices are expected to ring in at just under $1,000 and will likely be used by business professionals and tech geeks who must have the latest and greatest. Subsequent generations of the platform are expected to filter down to the $500 price range where they're be more accessible to everyday consumers.

"We expect this to be a real consumer product and to do that, you have to be able to hit real consumer price points," said Intel Marketing Director Brad Graff .

You can catch hands-on video of the UMPC here (Sorry FireFox users, you need IE to view it).

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