Intel brings wireless management and security to IT administrators

Intel is expanding its Centrino branding today with the announcement of Centrino Pro. Centrino Pro will take its place beside the existing Centrino and Centrino Duo brands in Intel's mobile lineup.

Centrino Pro is analogous to Intel's vPro platform on the desktop. Centrino Pro is based on the Santa Rosa platform and supports Core 2 Duo processors with Intel Virtualization Technology (VT) running on an 800MHz front side bus. Intel's 965 Express chipset (GM/PM) is paired with the ICH8M-Enhanced southbridge, which also features Intel Active Management Technology 2.5 (AMT).

AMT works by storing vital software and hardware information in non-volatile flash memory. IT administrators can then access vital system information or "heal" systems that have been taken out of commission due to an OS failure -- remote management is possible even when a system is powered off. AMT also incorporates System Defense, which actively blocks incoming threats while also quarantining infecting machines before they are allowed to infect others on the network.

Wired networking duties are handled by Intel's 82566N GbE controller which supports AMT; wireless networking is handled by the Intel Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN. The 4965AGN was announced in late January and can provide data rates of up to 300 Mbps. Intel also managed to double the operating range of its 802.11n solution over existing 802.11g solutions while also increasing battery life due to enhanced sleep states.

"Intel Centrino Pro processor technology brings the best of our offering with Intel vPro processor technology and adds it right into our highly successful Intel Centrino brand for laptops," said Mooly Eden, Intel's vice president of Intel Mobile Products Group. "This is an ideal time for this product as we continue to see notebook penetration rates increasing in business."

Intel will launch its Centrino Pro brand during Q2'07.

In Q2'08, Intel will launch the next iteration of Centrino Pro based on the Montevina platform. It will support Penryn processors with Intel VT-x/VT-d and Intel Trusted Execution Technology. Intel's Cantiga GM/PM chipset will feature Intel Turbo Memory 2.0 and an ICH9M-Enhanced southbridge supporting AMT 4.0. Networking duties will be handled by the Boaz GbE adapter, Echo Peak WiFi/WiMAX combo adapter or the Shirley Peak 802.11a/g/n WiFi adapter.

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