Intel reveals credit card sized modular computer.

Intel reveals credit card sized modular computer


Intel revealed a new modular computer called Intel Compute Card at CES 2017. This device will transform the way computing and connectivity can be used in future devices according to the company. Intel says, the Compute card, featuring a range of processors including the latest 7th generation Intel core processor, which will be available in the mid 2017 and comes with a simple and portable design, making it easier to install, maintain and upgrade Independently, of certified devices.

Of course we don’t know pricing. So far this was most interesting device that we saw.



The Compute card, will offer optimal solution to power everything starting from entry level to full features host devices. Has built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless connectivity.

The platform comes with all the elements of a computer including Intel system –n chip (SoC) memory, storage, along with flexible I/O options. This card is expected to put in sue on upgrading smart appliances, such as refrigerators, TVs, and more.  

According to a report, Intel is working with a range of leading hardware partners such as Dell, HP, Lenovo and Sharp. Also be came partner with the regional device makers Seneca Data, InFocus, DTx, TableKiosk and Pasuntech.

-Intel displayed many of the company’s technology to thousands of visitors

Autonomous driving

The company that made chips for PCs, and powered any electronic now wants to make chip for self-driving cares.  Of course it is not a surprise or deniable, but I am sure that Intel will make it happen.

According to Bloomberg “Intel Go” will feature processors ranging from its smallest atom chips all the way up to its most powerful Xeon product packaged with other components and software.

- BMW and Intel will bring self-driving cars to the roads by end of 2017  

BMW working with Intel and Mobileye an Israeli tech company that develops vision-based driver assistance system will put a fleet of 40 autonomous test vehicles on the roads sometime on second half of 2017.


-Intel Automotive and 5G and PC

The modem reflects Intel’s vision that 5G will exist in both mm wave and sub-6GHz bans of spectrum, this is another improvement and good move supporting 5GNR rather than just mmWave.

-Virtual reality /Merged Reality

Another Intel innovative product is VRMR. If you did not try pleas do so, you will love it.



Merged reality lets you interact with a virtual world without eliminating your real surroundings.

This year Intel has more to offer, and amazing show. You could always read more on CES news.

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