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Intel Wireless Wi-Fi Link 4965AGN
Intel's new 802.11n Draft-N router will ship just in time for the retail launch of Windows Vista

802.11n based products have been circling the globe for well over a year now, but there is still no ratified standard to allow 802.11n products to really take off. Intel today decided to step out of the shadows by announcing its first foray into the 802.11n universe.

The new Intel Wireless Wi-Fi Link 4965AGN Draft-N network adapter operates on both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz spectra and can provide data rates as high as 300 Mbps. According to Intel, the 4965AGN also provides 2x the range of 802.11g solutions and can increase battery life for notebooks due to enhanced sleep states.

Intel noted that it has worked with leading wireless networking vendors including Asus, Belkin, Buffalo, D-Link and Netgear to ensure maximum performance and compatibility. Wireless-N products from the aforementioned companies that pass Intel's certification criteria will receive a "Connect with Centrino" logo. Interestingly enough, Linksys was not mentioned anywhere in the press materials.

"Integrating wireless-N technology into notebook computers based on Centrino Duo with the Intel Core 2 Duo processor delivers the speed, coverage and multi-tasking abilities needed for consumers to enjoy their home networking and digital entertainment," said Intel direct of wireless marketing Dave Hofer. "Additionally, access points that are identified by our new 'Connect with Centrino' logo assure consumers that they are purchasing a compatible wireless-N system."

The 4965AGN wireless adapter will begin shipping in Windows Vista-powered notebooks from Acer, ASUS, Gateway and Toshiba later this month.

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would there be a way...
By Hyperlite on 1/23/2007 11:21:44 PM , Rating: 2
would there be a way to get just the internal wireless part to replace in a laptop? thats what that picture is of, isn't it?

RE: would there be a way...
By UNCjigga on 1/24/2007 12:07:42 AM , Rating: 2
Nope, N-standard requires a completely different antenna too for MIMO (notice the triple-connect for the antenna at the top.)

RE: would there be a way...
By Hyperlite on 1/24/2007 8:07:43 AM , Rating: 2
ah, yes, i see that now.

PCI Express
By Ecmaster76 on 1/23/2007 11:04:46 PM , Rating: 2

Although that leaves older laptops in the cold if it doesn't also have a PCI/PCMCIA interface too.

RE: PCI Express
By Bluestealth on 1/24/2007 12:22:36 AM , Rating: 2
Not really Intel's market nowadays... that also looks like a mini-PCIe card, which older laptops don't have anyways.

A sad day
By Schadenfroh on 1/24/2007 8:36:49 AM , Rating: 2
For my Intel 3945ABG

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