ATI is still go for RD600

Intel insiders have confirmed to DailyTech that the license for ATI to manufacture chipsets for the Intel bus has not been revoked.  ATI's board of directors recently approved a takeover bid from AMD which would make ATI a division of AMD if approved. 

A report on The Inquirer yesterday claims "ATI had its chipset bus license pulled, or at least not renewed by Intel."  Aside from the fact that it is probably not legal for Intel to retract the agreement, the cross-license agreement between Intel and ATI has not come up for review either.  It's not impossible to fathom that Intel would opt to not renew the ATI cross-license agreement, but at this time the agreement is still working and will continue to function until an announcement is made by Intel and ATI.

ATI's upcoming RD600 chipset is slated to be one of the most ambitious ATI chipsets to date, bringing Intel's Conroe and ATI's Triple Play physics to the table.  However, the most recent ATI launch schedule still puts this chipset in for a 2006 launch, likely before the AMD-ATI merger would be finalized.  Even then, it is difficult to ascertain if Intel would opt to not renew the bus license as it may take ATI years to fully assimilate into AMD.  AMD president Dirk Meyer outlined that ATI and AMD would begin co-development of products in 2008

Specifically with regard to RD600, Cameron Wilmot at TweakTown has confirmed that DFI's LanParty RD600 motherboard is still slated for launch.  When DailyTech approached DFI San Jose General Manager Jacky Huang with regard to RD600, Huang replied "RD600 LANParty is still in development, and there have been no announcements to stop development."  ATI's RS700 chipset, on the other hand, would be a chipset definitely in jeopardy if the license agreement was to terminate.

Intel is also dependent on ATI's core logic division, as Intel even has some Intel-branded ATI motherboards in its portfolio. However, there is no replacement for the ATI Xpress 1100 Grant Country motherboard with the Bearlake generation of Intel motherboards.

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