Your new custom build game box should have nothing less than a good Solid State Drive (SSD). Look no further than the 730 Series SSDs by Intel.

Even though these SSDs are geared towards enthusiast gamers, they can more than handle the demands of regular computer users as well. So why would you get an SSD over a HDD or vice-versa? Well, the advantages and disadvantages are many, but here are the more important ones.

Topic Solid State Drive (SSD) Hard Disk Drive (HDD)
(According to PC Part Picker’s Data)
0.26 USD per GB Currently available. Prices are fluctuating. 0.027 USD per GB.  Just about 10 times longer than SSD.
Access Time
Time for programs to load.
Access speeds of 35 to 100 microseconds. Access speeds of 5,000 to 10,000 microseconds.
Reliability No moving parts – Uses Flash memory to store data resulting in better performance and reliability. No moving parts and magnetic platters that wear down and fail over time.
Power SSDs use less power resulting in extended battery life HDDS require more power to move parts and spins platters.

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Here is what you get from the Intel Solid-State Drive 730 Series
  • Performance in a Flash: Less lag with 50µs read latencies and consistently high transfer rates and application loads with up to 550 MB/s sequential reads1,2 and 86,000 IOPS random reads1,2
  • Data Center DNA: Extreme endurance of up to 70GB of writes per day,1,3 consistent performance across all data types, and RAID performance scaling beyond 1GB/s
  • Quality and Reliability: 3rd generation Intel controller and 5-year warranty
Here are the SPECS:
  Intel 730 SERIES 2.5-Inch 480 GB Internal Solid State Drive
Price $241.70
Data Transfer Rate 6
Device Type Solid State Drive
Storage Size 480GB
Hard Disk Form Factor 2.5 in
Hardware Connectivity SATA 3.0 Gb/s
Dimensions 4.6 x 5.8 x 1.9 in
Weight 2.75 ounces

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