The world topics of conversation“ driverless car or self-driving car” followed by tech giant company Google, and some car manufactures, and service provider company Uber.

But today’s news put everyone else a side by knowing that what hood, will be covering under. 



Most likely the supplier will be Tech giant Intel shinning through. In order for the to bring the self-driving car to the mass production requires technology, productivity capabilities and the money. According to a report, an announcement made on Monday about an investing of $15.3 billion, while the Israeli company “Mobileye” that makes sensors and cameras for driverless cars is one of the largest and fastest growing company ready to compete with Silicon Valley giants.


Both Google and Uber in partnership with automakers like Chrysler, and Volvo are already sending test vehicles onto the road, according to Bain & Company, a consulting firm estimated to be worth $25 billion annually by 2025. But still it is not clear just who will be running the show with the sensors and other required electronics in the self-driving vehicles. It could be Intel Corporation who strengthens and improves its competitive position against NVIDIA in the self-driving vehicle market.


As was mentioned earlier, according to a report per Intel, the company has already won car deals worth a $1billion this year.   Most prominent among them is German carmaker BMW in partnership with Mobileye for developing self-riving car technology. Auto parts maker Delphi and Mobileye have also chosen the Intel chip to power the S.D. Vehicles.


They will start with Intel’s Core i7 chip and later on upgrade to an even faster processor, which expected to be launched by the chipmaker in a few weeks time.  According to Intel, currently they are involved in 30 car programs, and this number would increase to 49 by 2020.   The company’s new division venture capital will invest $250 million over the next two years into autonomous technology, and found will be used on development of S.D. Car and with other associated technologies; AI, deep learning, connectivity, communication, safety and security for cars globally.

This is a new startup for Intel. But NVIDIA is already secured its space and name in the self-driving car based on its Drive Automotive Technology platform. The company is also partnering with major carmakers like Audi, Tesla, Volvo and Mercedes-Benz. Even though Intel is a new name in the self-driving car but Intel expects autonomous vehicles to be a core component in the world of Internet of Things (loT), due to massive amount of data they will generate, said Intel CEO Brian Krzanich.  He added that average autonomous car will create about 40 gigabytes of data each minute.   However we believe that Intel as powerful and intense is, will catch up fast to NVIDIA.

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