Users can pay for items online using MasterCard's PayPass Tap & Go feature right on their Ultrabook

A popular feature that has entered the world of smartphones and tablets is mobile payments, or near-field communication (NFC), and Intel is now showing off such technology in Ultrabooks.

At the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) 2012, a mobile payment-enabled Ultrabook was demonstrated using Mastercard's PayPass. Up until now, PayPass was mainly used at certain retailers where shoppers could tap their credit card against a sensor for complete payment.

Now, this technology has been brought to Ultrabooks. At IDF 2012, a mobile payment-enabled Toshiba Satellite U925T was set up for demo purposes. I decided to give the system a try for myself, which I've documented in the following photos.

Step One: The page was set to the Toshiba Satellite Ultrabook on I acted like I was going to purchase it by clicking the green "Buy With PayPass" button.

[Image Source: Tiffany Kaiser/DailyTech]

Step Two: PayPass wallet comes up, giving me the option to sign in for PayPass Wallet or the PayPass Tap & Go. I'm opting for the Tap & Go option to see what this thing can do.

[Image Source: Tiffany Kaiser/DailyTech]

Step Three: I'm instructed to tap the reader, located on my palmrest.

[Image Source: Tiffany Kaiser/DailyTech]

Step Four: Place the card on the reader like so.

[Image Source: Tiffany Kaiser/DailyTech]

Step Five: All of my credit card and billing/shipping info (or rather, MasterCard executive Gary Flood's info) is automatically filled in.

[Image Source: Tiffany Kaiser/DailyTech]

Step Six: Submit order and I'm all set to go.

[Image Source: Tiffany Kaiser/DailyTech]
The PayPass NFC swipe really just save you from having to enter your PayPass password (for non NFC-enabled Ultrabooks, you'll just have to type your password in. Billing, shipping and credit card information is usually pre-saved in most e-tailer sites). Intel mentioned that the system is safe, since the e-tailer doesn't receive your credit card number -- just verification from MasterCard.

According to Intel, the Toshiba U925t is the only Ultrabook to offer built-in NFC technology. However, this will change in the near future, as more Ultrabooks will start featuring the new tool.

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