Show will recap happenings in the entertainment world

Hulu has become one of the go-to sites for TV fans that are looking to catch up on shows offered on major networks that they might have missed. Hulu also has many classic TV shows that you can't even find on reruns anymore.

Now the video streaming site is looking to make its foray into creating its own TV show.

The Hulu original program will recap the entertainment scene for the day in five minutes. The show will air Monday through Friday on Hulu is looking for two hosts with one of them being a "very good looking female" in the late 20's to 30 range. There is no specification of the second host so presumably it could be a man or woman.

Hulu is seeking actors for the parts and wants the show to be a "Daily online entertainment show in a hosted infotainment/comedy/satire [format]" along the lines of The Daily Show meets Weekend Update meets Sports Center. So far, the show has no official name, though Hulu is looking to find the actors and get the show into production ASAP. Hulu stipulates that the hosts must have comedy and improv skills.

The actors will be working Sunday through Thursday evening for $1,000 weekly and Hulu wants no one that is currently in a union.
Fast Company reports that more shows are in the works as well.

It will be interesting to see if a website like Hulu that serves up content from major networks can also come up with its own original content that is appealing. This is certainly something that could change the way people watching. If this catches on other networks and online sites could start doing this as well.

Last month Hulu launched the Hulu Plus service for $7.99 monthly. Presumably the new show will be available to all viewers, not just the Hulu Plus subscribers.

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