This is one of the most famous cameras. It is well known for its iconic rangefinder which has been in the market since the 1930’s.

. The Leica popularized 35 mm film with emphasis on mechanical cameras and production techniques after struggling in the digital market but around 2004 Leica went into a successful partnership with Panasonic, and in 2006 Leica launched the M8 its first digital rangefinder, and in 2009 made another launch X1 APS –C compacts. All Leica Cameras with the exception of the large-sensor X1 are rebadged versions of current Panasonic models’ with minor cosmetic and spec differences. Leica SL , Leica M10, Leica M-d, and Leica camera Platinum &Karung Skin – Special Edition M6T

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These high -end cameras with a suggested retail price starting at under $6K to almost $18K, and sometimes the listed price is for body only. Of course the lenses are not cheap either.

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Where Leica has cameras with reasonable prices as well such as Leica TL digital Camera with a price under $1700 with a free Shipping as it is posted on the site. and

The Leica TL with 16MP and 1080HD is capable of packing finest pictures with detail, natural colors with exceptional contrast and brightness in even low lighting conditions. Can be used for every kind of photography and for sharp videos in full HD resolution with a high-speed processor that can be displayed on the big touchscreen panel in no time.

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Lenses made by Leica have an excellent imaging performance that is visible in every picture.  This camera has an integrated Wi-Fi module that lets you transfer pictures directly from your Leica TL camera to smartphones, PCs, or tablet.  In addition the Leica TL features a built in 32GB memory that always has space for at least 1000 pictures with best resolution.  The Leica TL system is easy and simple way to combine accessories with the camera and detach. Also offers a high degree of versatility and compatibility.

The L bayonet mount shared with the Leica SL allows the use of all TL and SL lenses, and range of adapters makes it possible to use of lenses from Leica M and Leica R systems. Overall this is a outstanding craftsmanship unibody aluminum design camera with wide range of focal lengths and speeds lenses, and user friendly with customizable menu and reasonable price is a best camera to consider.

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