Honda Small Hybrid Sports Concept

Toyota Hybrid-X Concept
Honda and Toyota step up their hybrids efforts

DailyTech reported earlier today that Lotus and Proton took an existing gasoline engine Proton Gen-2 sedan and converted into use a hybrid-electric powertrain. The resultant Lotus EVE achieves 28% greater fuel efficiency and C02 emissions that that are 22% lower than the Gen-2.

Now we have info on future hybrid designs from Honda and Toyota. The 2007 Geneva Auto Show is being used as a launching point to show the design direction that both companies are heading towards with future hybrid models.

Honda kicks things off with its sleek Small Hybrid Sports Concept (SHSC) which DailyTech first detailed back in February. The SHSC is based on a FWD platform and has a 4-cylinder engine paired with Honda's Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) hybrid drive system and a continuously variable transmission (CVT).

Other features unique to the concept include a one-piece glass roof, "floating" LED tail light unit and 20" wheels. The SHSC measures 157" x 69" x 50" (L x W x H) and rides on a wheelbase of 92.5".

Next up is the Toyota Hybrid X concept, which also made its first appearance today. The concept points at the design direction that Toyota is looking to go with the next-generation Prius, which is due to be unveiled next year. The concept rides on 20” wheels, features LED headlights and taillights, LED interior lighting and independent rear seats which can swivel inwards 12 degrees to “allow passengers to enjoy the scenery or a more intimate 'tête-à-tête'.”

The Hybrid X concept uses the latest iteration of Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive system, measures 177" x 73" x 57" and has a wheelbase of 110".

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