Honda brings social networking to Japanese market vehicles

The folks at Honda are at it again. The Japanese car company is going beyond the "old and busted" real-time traffic updates found in some newer in-car GPS system and is introducing real-time weather updates in Japan. And that not all -- as if sites like MySpace weren't already taken over the Internet and lives of young children and adults everywhere, Honda is looking to take social networking to automobiles with its next generation GPS technology.

Drivers who subscribe to Honda's InterNavi Premium Club in Japan will have access to real-time weather updates every 10 minutes. Drivers will be given weather updates based on their current position or the destination entered. The system can also alert drivers to flooded roads and other weather-related road hazards.

Honda is also offering a Social Networking Service (SNS) with its InterNavi Premium Service. The SNS will allow drivers to enter comments about a particular location or point of interest (POI). The information will then be relayed to other club members and they can see your comments while approaching the destination.

Automobiles are becoming more detached and at the same time more connected with drivers. It seems as though car companies are finding more ways to keep humans from controlling their vehicles and at the same time finding more stuff for us to do along the way.

"I modded down, down, down, and the flames went higher." -- Sven Olsen
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