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Today's annual shareholders meeting revealed that the second half of this year will show great profit gains from iPad production

It's no secret that Apple's iPad and iPad 2 are wildly popular when it comes to tablet devices. The iPad launched in April 2010, and within its first 80 days of release, about 3 million were sold. When the iPad 2 launched in March 2011, retailers around the world reported that they had already sold out the very next day.

Due to the overwhelming popularity of the iPad tablet, Foxconn, a subsidiary of contract electronics assembler Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., increased production of the device. While this increase in production has worked out fabulously for Apple, it has led to some poor working conditions for Foxconn employees, who have gone so far as committing suicide to escape Foxconn.

As if that wasn't enough, a Foxconn electronics factory in Chengdu, which is known for producing Apple's iPad, suffered a fiery blast on May 20 that killed three employees and injured another 15. Reports said the explosion was caused by a buildup of flammable dust over the plant's polishing workshop.

But now, things are looking up for Hon Hai as it looks forward to a wealthy second half of this year and next thanks to iPad production. These predictions came courtesy of an annual shareholders meeting today.

According to Terry Gou, chairman of Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., the contract electronics assembler has fallen behind Apple's profit gains because the devices are "difficult to make," and it is in the process of learning more efficient ways of making Apple's latest tech.

In the year ended in December 2010, Hon Hai's net income rose 1.9 percent to NT$77 billion ($2.7 billion) "on a 53 percent jump in revenue to NT$3 trillion." Apple, on the other hand, had a profit increase of 70 percent to $14 billion in the year ended in September 2010.

"We've helped Apple make a lot of money," said Gou. "If our customers make money, then we can also make money. I most fear customers that don't make money."

In addition, shareholders gained more than originally proposed after approving a plan to pay a dividend of NT$2 on 2010 earnings. Hon Hai's plan is to pay a NT$1 a share cash dividend and  NT$1 in stock on 2010 profit. After it was approved, stock rose 0.5 percent at NT$100.50 in Tarpei trading after "gaining as much as 1.5 percent to NT$101.50."

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Apple IS evil
By jeepga on 6/10/2011 7:49:41 AM , Rating: 4
Apple is evil. There I said it.

I couldn't down vote the Apple muncher's post anymore, so I posted myself.

RE: Apple IS evil
By chick0n on 6/10/2011 8:50:55 AM , Rating: 4
what are you talking about? Apple is good and Stevie is GOD !

IT's just funny that Apple owners bitch at Foxconn saying they underpaid people working there/long shifts/blah blah blah. but they never blame Apple one bit. I guess that's what cults mean.

RE: Apple IS evil
By bobny1 on 6/10/2011 3:13:27 PM , Rating: 2
They don't blame Apple because they are making "BILLIONS". Eventually, when all that money makes china the #1 super power of the world apple and others will be kicked in the rear, taken over and displaced by home made "CHInPAD".

RE: Apple IS evil
By fteoath64 on 6/10/11, Rating: -1
RE: Apple IS evil
By Tony Swash on 6/10/11, Rating: -1
RE: Apple IS evil
By Motoman on 6/10/2011 11:03:53 AM , Rating: 3
Apple isn't just a company. They're a predator, preying on the gullibility and unsophistication of the average consumer, while playing heavily on their desire to conform and purchase their way into "coolness."

They sell substandard products at "reassuringly expensive" prices while pretending their wildly defective products are either fine or that their consumers are using them wrong.

They lock the naive consumer into walled gardens in which they have little to no control, and convince them that that's what they want - a message the naive are eager to accept because they've bought the propaganda hook, line and sinker.

They lie unabashedly about the "virtues" of their products, about how they don't get malware, how they're more "stable" or more "easy to use" than other products. All of which are the most horrific lies ever perpetrated upon a group of consumers.

There is not the slightest shred of virtue within Apple - just like Bose and Monster Cable, they are PREDATORS that have figured out how to use social engineering to manipulate consumers into *wanting* to be subjected to the abuse they offer.

It's no different than if some crazy cult (indeed, Apple is a cult) like, say, Scientology started taking over the world - people becoming mesmerized with the propaganda the church spews and signing away their life's savings to join the church. If you had a brain in your head, you'd protest...step in, try to educate your friends, family, ANYONE as to why it's a SCAM. Try to prevent them from getting sucked into the BS because of their own gullibility.

Continuously protesting the stupidity of Apple is the *right* thing to do. Because standing by and silently allowing such companies to perpetrate their abuse of consumers is tantamount to being an accessory to the crime.

As Jon Stewart would say, "be a f%cking person."

RE: Apple IS evil
By DougF on 6/10/2011 12:40:30 PM , Rating: 3
Doesn't Stewart own an iPhone?

RE: Apple IS evil
By FaaR on 6/10/2011 6:17:55 PM , Rating: 2
I'd make an attempt to argue against your bullshit tsunami of a post, but it's obvious you've bought into what you yourself are saying to such a degree it would be a pointlessly futile exercise.

While Appleheads often get lambasted as religious fanatics, this sort of Apple hate is no less irrational and senseless.

You're free to not like or buy Apple products, just like everybody else. That some people choose to buy Apple stuff anyway just proves ONE thing: that Apple managed to design the most appealing product to THESE people.

End of friggin' story.

Now you're free to continue expressing your moral and intellectual superiority to those who buy Apple stuff, but you're still being silly and ridiculous.

RE: Apple IS evil
By KoolAidMan1 on 6/11/2011 7:34:22 PM , Rating: 2
The Apple haters are way more irrational than any fanboy at the moment, they've seriously gone off the deep end over the last few years.

RE: Apple IS evil
By Motoman on 6/11/2011 11:02:18 PM , Rating: 1
...that's exactly what I'm talking about.

It doesn't matter what facts are shown to you - reality makes no difference. When someone says anything that doesn't agree with your Apple-centric universe, you think you're entitled to just dismiss it.

The problem is you're trying to label yourself, and the associated Apple fanboism as being "rational" - therefore, anything else must be "irrational." When it's eminently clear, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that the reverse is true.

Your religion is false. Your prophet is a liar. You have been duped. It's a difficult thing to admit - but until you do, you can't be helped.

RE: Apple IS evil
By KoolAidMan1 on 6/13/2011 5:31:56 AM , Rating: 2
You're assuming that I'm an Apple fanboy. Tsk tsk

- Posted from my DIY Windows 7 PC

RE: Apple IS evil
By KoolAidMan1 on 6/13/2011 5:36:31 AM , Rating: 2
And please Moto, keep posting about your moral and intellectual superiority over a consumer that buys from global multinational corporation A instead of global multinational corporation B. The rest of us will continue laughing at you.

RE: Apple IS evil
By TakinYourPoints on 6/14/2011 3:35:33 AM , Rating: 2
I'll tell my developers friends at Google and Microsoft who own Macs and iPhones that they worship a false prophet. Thanks!

RE: Apple IS evil
By petpeeve on 6/10/2011 9:49:32 PM , Rating: 1
Wow. Just wow.

Did uncle sodomize you with an apple core when you were young?

RE: Apple IS evil
By Motoman on 6/10/2011 10:14:03 PM , Rating: 2
Uncle Steve is sodomizing you with one right now...and he's convinced you that you like it.

RE: Apple IS evil
By KoolAidMan1 on 6/11/2011 7:41:24 PM , Rating: 2
Hahahahahahah, are you for real?


RE: Apple IS evil
By Motoman on 6/11/2011 11:02:56 PM , Rating: 2

Not surprised. Although, actually, I'm not surprised it isn't your mother's basement. Probably is.

RE: Apple IS evil
By KoolAidMan1 on 6/13/2011 5:33:19 AM , Rating: 2
Haha, not only are you deranged but you're slow too. Poor little boy.

RE: Apple IS evil
By jeepga on 6/10/2011 1:33:38 PM , Rating: 2
Dude - Apple is just a company. It makes stuff. People are free to buy Apple's stuff or not. Just like every other company

Obviously, you missed the point of my post. See other thread under this article... Your response amused me nonetheless.

RE: Apple IS evil
By zenom11 on 6/10/2011 10:53:58 AM , Rating: 2
We have blood diamond in other continent, and we can safely call this iBloodPad

RE: Apple IS evil
By michael2k on 6/10/2011 1:50:55 PM , Rating: 1
And who manufactured the computer you're posting on? What blood is on your hands?

By robertisaar on 6/10/2011 8:54:05 AM , Rating: 2
"in the process of learning more efficient ways of making Apple's latest tech."

expect quality control issues.

RE: translation
By Motoman on 6/10/2011 11:05:53 AM , Rating: 2
expect quality control issues.

...what do you mean "expect?"

With the horribly crappy engineering that goes into Apple products, it's a wonder any of them work at all.

Form over function makes pretty things. It doesn't make things that work.

RE: translation
By mellomonk on 6/10/11, Rating: -1
RE: translation
By Motoman on 6/10/2011 3:08:44 PM , Rating: 2
Good point. Therefore, you should probably shut the hell up.

...or do you *really* want, yet again, all of the ridiculously bad Apple product design flaws listed out again?

Step outside of your reality distortion field once in a while.

RE: translation
By testerguy on 6/11/2011 1:02:43 PM , Rating: 1
Sorry, but how would listing the flaws of some Apple products prove ANYTHING, at all?

Firstly - every single company has products with flaws. So this wouldn't distinguish Apple in any way.

Secondly - 99% of the 'flaws' which you list will, in fact, in reality, not affect any of the users - for example 'Antenna-Gate' which is completely irrelevant since nobody even holds the phone in the ridiculously obscure 'death grip' - I know this because I have one.

RE: translation
By testerguy on 6/11/2011 1:04:45 PM , Rating: 1
Thirdly - the point above is illustrated by Apple having some of the highest satisfaction ratings of ANY company in the world.

Fourthly - anybody, in this industry, including CEO's, employees, experts of all the big companies, is very much aware that the engineering at Apple is excellent. They can admit it, why can't you?

You have such a pathetic naive opinion that it's unsophisticated people who buy Apple products. You make the mistake of assuming that just because a product can appeal to BOTH segments of the market, that it's somehow worse. The reality, is that you are probably such an insecure freak, trying to distinguish yourself by buying a different phone, because maybe it has a 100mz faster processor.... it's beyond pathetic. Normal people just want a phone which does everything they want. For me? I make calls, browse the internet, I watch Sky Sports... on my iPhone. I can't do that on any other phone.

Sound inferior to you?

RE: translation
By Motoman on 6/11/2011 11:11:46 PM , Rating: 2
Sound inferior to you?


Apple does have more problems than other brands. Period. Deny it all you want - won't change things. Sure - nobody's perfect. But nobody's track record is as piss-poor as Apples - and nobody else denies all their problems and/or blames their users either.

Satisfaction ratings? Please. The only reason you bought one in the first place was because you took a bath in the kool-aid. Catholics and Muslims give their religions 100% satisfaction rates too - and at least one (almost certainly both) of those extremely large groups of people are members of a religion that is 100% wrong.

...excellent engineering? OK, just stop. Apple is INFAMOUS for it's piss-poor engineering, creating devices that explode, overheat and can't be used in the sun, turn yellow, have LCDs that die immediately, can't make phone calls when held in various ways, consumer devices with no way to even change out a battery on your own, so on and so forth ad nauseum. They are the WORST. It's fact. Plastered all over the internet for all to see - and therefore can't be refuted. Unless of course you're Steve Jobs - in which case you just stick your fingers in your ears and go "LA LA LA CAN'T HEAR YOU!" and the flock follows your lead. Speaking of which..."insecure freak?" You're projecting - Apple consumers are the ones that run out and buy the next iCrap as soon as it hits stores for fear they'll be left behind. Non-Apple consumers tend to actually think about what the hell they're doing...and hence, don't become Apple consumers. The primary reason why people buy Apple products is to conform, to find security in the herd, to try to purchase some coolness and acceptability for themselves - ironically, all they actually accomplish is labeling themselves as brainless sheep for the rest of us to see - their insecurity worn on their sleeves.

You're a moron. As evidenced by you pretending that none of the above has happened, and by attempting to defend Apple. You have no recourse, no exit strategy, no way out. You've just demonstrated before the entire world that you're a grade A moron.

RE: translation
By KoolAidMan1 on 6/13/2011 5:47:12 AM , Rating: 2
Motoman thinks he is Rowdy Roddy Piper from "They Live", that Apple are the aliens, and that only he has the magic sunglasses that lets him see them for the evil corporate bastards for that they are.


RE: translation
By Motoman on 6/13/2011 11:08:11 AM , Rating: 2
Reality check - take a peek at the popularity ratings on these posts, myself, and yourself.

You're the one in the minority. Your reality distortion field is working overtime.

And congrats on going straight to just ad hominem attacks - which realistically is the only thing you can do, since you're intimately aware of the fact that your stated positions are utterly without any basis in reality.

So you just go on calling people "little boy" and whatever other things you fantasize about...keep imagining that you and "the rest of us" are laughing at me. Because there's not the slightest shred of doubt that it is *you* who are being laughed at. And you continued insistence that the opposite is true doesn't change reality.

RE: translation
By TakinYourPoints on 6/13/2011 5:52:29 PM , Rating: 2
Says the one who posted "You're a moron" to testerguy.


RE: translation
By Motoman on 6/13/2011 7:47:24 PM , Rating: 2
Facts in evidence.

RE: translation
By TakinYourPoints on 6/13/2011 6:03:50 PM , Rating: 2
Unfortunately the forums won't allow me to post past a certain number of links, but Google for HP, Sony, Lenovo, or Dell recall, there are literally dozens of battery, AC adapter, and numerous other product recalls going from around 2000 to as recently as June 1st 2011, only two weeks ago. The last one is a particularly large recall by HP.

I don't have an axe to grind with most of these companies. Aside from Macbooks Pros I also like Lenovos and HP Elitebooks (can't say I care for Dell or HP's consumer notebooks though, and you can do better than Sony IMHO). You though have quite the axe to grind...

But keep believing that Apple is the only company that has product defects and the only reason people are satisfied with then is because they are already brainwashed. Airtight logic you have there.

RE: translation
By Motoman on 6/13/2011 7:50:31 PM , Rating: 2
Keep ignoring the fact that I pointed out that no company is perfect. And continue to ignore the fact that Apple's track record is far worse than everyone else's. And continue to ignore the fact that Apple is the only company that pretends their products are flawless in the face of irrefutable proof of their defectiveness. And continue to ignore the fact that Apple is the only company to blame their users for the defectiveness of their products.

In other words...keep on ignoring. It's important that you do - you have to spend every ounce of your energy avoiding reality. Because if you accepted reality, even for a second, you'd have to admit that Apple is the worst consumer products company the world has ever seen.

RE: translation
By TakinYourPoints on 6/14/2011 3:32:21 AM , Rating: 2
Their product defect rate is actually in line with the rest of the computer industry, about where Dell's is.

Also, why would they deny defects? One of the big bulletpoints is the fact that they offer hardware tech support at their own stores and their phone tech support is American. Customer service for hardware defects is a bulletpoint feature for them.

A friend of mine had a three year old MBP that was nearly out of warranty. It started having issues with the motherboard. After two attempts to fix it they just gave him a brand new one, no charge, and it was a substantial upgrade over the old one. Same with dead pixels or shattered backs on iPhones, I've had friends that just walked in and got a new one.

They take care of their customers, there's a reason they rank so highly in customer satisfaction surveys, not because they are deluded. I'm a PC guy and even I think it is incredibly arrogant to assume so.

I don't expect a reasonable non-frothing non-fanboy response out of you though, but nobody else here does, which is why nobody else here is taking you seriously. Keep being internet warrior tough guy though, it is entertaining.

RE: translation
By KoolAidMan1 on 6/11/11, Rating: 0
IPad Recall?
By DougF on 6/10/2011 12:38:43 PM , Rating: 2
Does anyone know why Apple is recalling iPad 2s? My son's was enroute and Fed Ex was notified to send it back. Apple techs are not saying why, but Apple did give him a new shipping date of 24 June.

Poor quality
By bwave on 6/10/2011 11:27:10 PM , Rating: 2
Not necessarily difficult to make, rather so poorly made it's amazing they stay together. Apple's favorite construction material is double-sided tape! It amazes me that people will pay 3 times what the product is worth for cheap Chinese junk!

Is Apple worse then Bullys?
By stm1185 on 6/11/2011 3:16:12 PM , Rating: 2
If you added up all the homosexual suicides due to bullying last year and all the suicides of workers making Apple products which one would be higher?

So now Apple owns Foxconn?
By vision33r on 6/12/2011 12:42:55 AM , Rating: 2
All these haters think that it's Apple's fault for Foxconn suicides. Hey, they build for Dell as well. Now that the parent company is reporting big profits, who do you blame for the worker's working conditions?

It doesn't matter, Apple already surpassed both Microsoft and Intel in market cap already. All you PC zealots are just overly jealous-ed about the profits.

Apple is evil
By shompa on 6/10/11, Rating: -1
RE: Apple is evil
By troysavary on 6/10/11, Rating: 0
RE: Apple is evil
By testerguy on 6/11/2011 1:07:46 PM , Rating: 2
Well turn your question around.

Given that Apple tries to get the best deals / prices with ALL it's suppliers - treating them all the same, and given further that not all of Apples production happens at the Foxcon plant, how do you reconcile the fact that other suppliers cope with the same conditions from Apple without deteriorating into suicide hot spots?

The answer - is that the Foxcon factory is to blame. You can dress it up any way you like to justify the mobile phone you decided to buy (or any other pathetic reason) - but that is the reality.

RE: Apple is evil
By Motoman on 6/13/2011 11:10:19 AM , Rating: 2
Foxconn is the only place making those particular products - for which there is a specific contract. All the uniqueness is there to suport his argument.

Yes, Foxconn *should* have declined to accept any contract that would drive it to abuse its employees to make ends meet...but then some other ODM would have picked it up anyway.

RE: Apple is evil
By troysavary on 6/13/2011 5:01:48 PM , Rating: 1
Considering that Apple's largest supplier is Samsung, a company several times larger than Apple, and one who needs Apple less than Apple needs them, Apple cannot force the same terms on Samsung that they did on Foxcon.

Before anyone tries to refute the fact that Apple needs Samsung, consider that Samsung makes the screen, the processor, and the flash memory for the iDevices, imagine the shit that Apple would be in if Samsung ended the relationship. Apple could not easily find other vendors to fill all three of those component needs. Samsung, on the other hand, already makes devices of their own that compete in the same market as the iDevice, plus manufacture components for many other companies as well. Losing Apple would have a not insignificant, but hardly catastrophic, and probably only short-term, effect on there bottom line.

"There's no chance that the iPhone is going to get any significant market share. No chance." -- Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer

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