Intel aims to provide developing nations with cheap PCs and WiMax Internet

Intel is in a generous mood these days and is trying to promote technology in all parts of the world. As a part of its "The World Ahead" program, the company will spend about $1B USD to provide cheap PCs and a WiMax broadband Internet infrastructure in developing nations. With Intel seeing slower growth in saturated PC markets in the United States and Europe, the company is looking for other avenues to purse in order to expand its growth potential.

Intel is tailoring the PCs for different markets instead of taking a "one size fits all" approach according to Intel chief executive Paul Otellini. The change in company policy is practiced in part by several other companies; Samsung Electronics being one of the most noteable examples.  In India for example, laptops will be equipped with cool-running processors to deal with high-heat conditions and feature a flash-based hard drive to improve durability. The Intel sponsored sub-$400 PCs can also run off a car battery if need be. Reuters reports:

Intel would equip computers with both WiFi and WiMax capability and would promote WiMax development as an inexpensive way to provide widespread Internet service. WiMax is sort of a beefed up WiFi technology that offers high-speed Internet over a long range. "Less than 5 percent of the world has access to broadband," Otellini said. "WiMax is the means of delivering low-cost broadband to the world."

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