And just when 12 megapixel cameras were starting to become all the news

Hasselblad's new H2D-39 D-SLR is the first true 39 megapixel digital camera in the world. It is based on Hasselblad's existing H2 digital camera and is compatible with the company's H System lenses and V camera lenses. 

The camera's CCD sensor is more than twice the size of conventional 35mm camera sensors (36.7 x 49.0 mm). At maximum resolution, the images captured by the H2D-39 in Hasselblad's proprietary 3F RAW format are 78MB large (50MB with lossless compression).

The camera features a 2.2” OLED display, a FireWire 800 interface, support for CF media and an optional Image Bank 80GB external hard drive. The H2D-39 is also expandable thanks to its i-Adapter interchangeable camera interface.  The CF-39, CF-39MS and CFH-39 digital-back modules allow the user to tailor the camera to his or her shooting parameters. Also featured is the company's digital APO correction (DAC) which diminishes the effects of color abberations and provides a fuller, more life-like picture. The camera captures images in 16-bit formats and supports ISO ranges 50, 100, 200 and 400.

Preliminary pricing for the different digital-backs are as follows (in US dollars):

H2D-39 - $32,000
CF-39 - $33,000
CFH-39 - $33,000
CF-39MS - $40,000

More about the H2D-39 can be found here.

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