The Digital Playground attack comes weeks after YouPorn was hacked

Hackers have set their sights on the online porn website Digital Playground and were successful in gaining access to credit card numbers of paid subscribers. The hackers allegedly made off with 40,000 plain text credit card numbers that include usernames, CCV numbers, and expiration dates.
The hackers also are said to have grabbed personal information on 72,000 users. The hackers, known as The Consortium, which attacked the site, appear to be affiliated with Anonymous and LulzSec reports BBC News.
The hackers also said they were able to root the server and gain access to corporate e-mails.
The Consortium stated, "We did not set out to destroy them, but they made it too enticing to resist. So now our humble crew leaves lulz and mayhem in our path."
The home page of the porn site is online, but indicated that it is no longer accepting new signups at this time. This makes the second porn site attacked in recent weeks with the first being the site called YouPorn, which was hacked exposing usernames and e-mail addresses.

Source: BBC News

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