Hackers managed to steal 2 million user passwords through the use of keylogging software

A major hack resulted in the theft of millions of passwords from websites like Facebook, Gmail and Yahoo
According to a new report from CNN, hackers managed to steal 2 million user passwords through the use of keylogging software. The hack began October 21 of this year.
Cybersecurity firm Trustwave said that hackers installed the keylogging software on an unknown number of computers around the globe. This software captures login credentials for websites and routes the information through a proxy server, making it impossible to know which computers have the virus.

Trustwave was able to track the server, which is located in the Netherlands. The firm found that 93,000 websites had their credentials compromised, with the top seven being Facebook (318,000 compromised credentials), Gmail/Google+/YouTube (70,000), Yahoo (60,000), Twitter (22,000), Odnoklassniki (9,000), ADP (8,000) and LinkedIn (8,000). 
Trustwave further found that some of the compromised data consisted of 41,000 credentials used to connect to File Transfer Protocol and 6,000 remote logins.
Trustwave notified the companies of the hack, which resulted in ADP, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter notifying and resetting passwords for compromised users. 
Make sure to stay protected by updating your antivirus software and downloading the most recent patches for Internet browsers, Java and Adobe.

Source: CNN

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